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Published:July 4th, 2011 12:35 EST
Motivation & Inspiration: Running is a Great Deal Like Life

Motivation & Inspiration: Running is a Great Deal Like Life

By Tom Ski

Running is a great deal like life.  While on the road or track you deal with obstacles.  While your feet pound the pavement or nature trail, you are met with beauty, as well as weather that can make you shiver, feel fear, send ice through your veins, or make the sweat leak off your brow as if it were raining when the sun is hazy, hot, and high in the sky.  While running, your brain is constantly moving along with your body.  In a peaceful moment of running, your brain creates ideas, dreams, or can simply allow you to go over and over what will be there waiting for you at the finish line - whether that be hope, accomplishment, or inspiration.

Courage, strength, stamina, and the ability to stay on your feet when your body wants nothing more than to stop, sit in the sun, and relax "that`s what runners need and feel.  Or, on a peaceful, serene day when you are joined by family, friends, or loved ones, perhaps that fantastic feeling " is simply the love of the run that makes you feel at the height of your power, and makes you want to give thanks that you`re still in the world and are able to experience all that the open road has to offer. is an extraordinary site that readers and I found a few months ago.  And "it has become somewhat of an addiction, if you will, because offers so much to so many with their articles that range from entertainment to health information, to literal stories from real people explaining the creativity they find and the fun they have while running.  Once you go to, you have a tendency to stay - and check back in each and every day so that you, too, can be part of a community that supports and befriends the runner.

I have enjoyed many heartfelt articles on, and recently I came across one that truly blew me away and made me think.  Luckily, my daughter has always been an outdoor girl, and her indoor interests have had nothing to do with cell phones, video games, the internet, or television.  In fact, with the exception of one hour a week when Buffy stood up straight and tall and empowered young girls to be strong, television seems to have held no allure for her.  What she does like to do is go outside and delve into activities such as bicycling or running, and when she comes in she picks up a book.  I know.  In this day and age, it sounds as if she`s a robot and not an actual teenager. J

But, maybe, it`s just that she understands.  It will always remain true that there are qualities in a human being that need to be honed, practiced, and used.  And the love and passion for life that you need to survive - like the passion a runner has every single time their feet hit the ground - are the most important ingredients to achieve a successful life.

Recently on, one of its contributors asked the question:  What motivates or inspires you?  The answer for everyone is different.  Motivation can be found in the small details of life that you come across each and every day.  Whether it be your daughter`s laughter, or the shot of adrenaline you get from writing the perfect novel - to the freedom you feel when you can step out of the business world and into a pair of running shoes that allow you to escape into the world you love.  What the author said that struck me in this article at was the fact that it never matters where you find inspiration or motivation - or, even passion - as long as you FIND it!

I recently heard a song where a man spoke about the fact that he`d received bad news, and that he was leaving the earth sooner than he thought he would.  In this song, though, it is not a song of woe - it`s a song of inspiration.  There are many paths you can take - this man`s path was one of passion.  Everything became clearer and he stopped his normal " routine and began to do things that he`d always wanted to do.  He took the time to watch an eagle soar, and spent time laughing harder and feeling more " than he ever had before.

Inspiration. is much like the song that I listened to.  It is a place where people can come and find a community that shares fun, entertainment, hope and inspiration that will help others find and keep that passion for living.  Whether a professional runner who is a die-hard competitor in track and field, or a simple person who has become a running enthusiast, serves them all.  

So, today this writer is offering each and every one of you a challenge.  Learn something about the world and your life today that gives you the motivation to go after a dream.  Feel something deeper, speak with more heartfelt words, put your soul into a project or a talk with a friend.  Watch what`s going on around you, yes, but today be a part of it.  Whether or not you choose to take a run in the woods - reading words that inspire and motivate is just as invigorating as the actual run, " itself.

Inspiration comes to me in different ways, and was a way of finding that spark " within that made me want to shoot higher " today.  This is a site built by, with, and for, the people who truly feel the passion for life that sometimes goes missing on a really bad day.  Surrounding yourself with the authors and contributors of is pure enjoyment and a real treat.

Another thing that I find extraordinary is the causes that highlights and supports on their site.  As we all know, The American Cancer Society is a truly wonderful organization.  However, what some of you may not know about is, The American Caner Society`s Girls on the Run program, which is a tremendously fantastic arm " that focuses on educating and preparing girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living.  In addition to this program, also highlights LIVESTRONG, The Lance Armstrong Foundation; Back on My Feet, which promotes the self-sufficiency of homeless populations by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength, and self-esteem; and, Orange Laces Nation.  Each and every one of these organizations SHOULD be visited by YOU.  Yet another way to find the motivation and inspiration to help others!

Promoting running and helping the running community are what specializes in.  But they also specialize in motivation and inspiration - two very important aspects of life that we ALL need.  Not only does offer a perfect venue for companies who wish to have their business, products, and services linked with a truly worthwhile site, but also provides a gift " to the rest of us:  A place that helps us find our passion for living!

Until Next Time, Everybody!

For More Information:!/lovingtherun