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Published:July 4th, 2011 14:29 EST
The Much-Anticipated Interview with the Remarkable, D`Driva!

The Much-Anticipated Interview with the Remarkable, D`Driva!

By Krista Boyer
Hood Rich

Adult Language: Two weeks ago, I was honored to be introduced to a new rap/hip hop singer and songwriter who has a truly amazing story.  He has survived a great deal in order to send a message to others out there.  He`s not your run-o "-the-mill superstar who struts around with an ego set to "high.`  This man, D`Driva (DeJuan Driva to his friends and family), has seemingly come out of nowhere to bring his incredible talent to the masses.  His first CD, Hood Rich, explodes when you listen to each and every track.  The lyrics and the beat almost take on a supernatural power - with a strength of character that this writer hasn`t seen in the hip hop/rap world in a very long time.   

D`Driva is a true superstar, but spoken this way, super + star.  What does that mean, exactly?  Superstars are the ones getting out of limos, waving to the camera, putting on a fake " façade, and "collecting the money without a care in the world for their fans or trying to increase their talent in any way, shape, or form.  Superstars are literally brands that can be sold to the highest bidder.  However, my definition (super + star), is this:  Super is an adjective that simply means a person who has a unique character and abundance of class inside their souls which makes them a fantastic human being to be around.  Star simply means, that same person has a quality and an "out-of-this-world` talent that can`t be copied or imitated.  D`Driva is THAT kind of "superstar.`  He`s also the man who looks at you when he performs.  And when he does "YOU can see a real human being - a man who has come through some fairly rough storms and made it to the other side.  D`Driva has survived life`s hurricanes, tornadoes, and typhoons, and offers not only entertainment and fun, but a talent that is so rich and deep that he possesses the words that can help the millions of others who really need to change their lives.   

As always, our readers demanded "The Interview,` and I was more than happy to oblige.  Even being able to speak over the computer with a performer who has this much soul and zero attitude, was one of the greatest and easiest things to do.  It is unbelievably rare for a performer of D`Driva`s caliber to be so kind, and willing to let his fans know who he is and what he`s here to say.  So "seeing as that all of you ladies and gentlemen want to hear what D`Driva has to say "I`ll be quiet J and let you get to know this incredible man!   

Can you tell fans how it all began for you?  Lets begin with the basketball dream, and you could tell a little bit about the accident that sent you down the path to creating music?   

Absolutely.  Long story short, football was my first love ever since I was a kid.  I wanted a bigger challenge, so I figured basketball was that challenge for me.  I lost my love for football during my sophomore year in high school so I tried out for the varsity basketball team.  I was cut due to my height (5`3), so that`s when a flame ignited inside of me. That moment gave me that taste of failure " - and I never wanted to feel that again.    

So "I worked harder, and went back the next year four inches taller to earn a spot on the varsity team.  But "the heart, the desire, the passion, and the drive that I had, got lost after my car accident.  Not only that, but all of my basketball abilities, college scholarships, mental impairments "the list goes on and on.  I couldn`t perform on the next level anymore, so years went by and I kept pushing and pushing myself to reach my "play level,` but kept getting injured.    

I began to look for another outlet to lessen my heartache and pain - all the physical and mental stress I`d built up inside of me. Then it seemed like, overnight, I found a driving force come alive - the ability to write about my street life experience  through music.  I`d never really thought about being a rap artist, but finding that drive again that I once  had when I played basketball was a blessing, and I used it for music.   

Do you believe that the bad times on the street helped you to see the music ahead of you?   

Most definitely.  How can you have a story without going through experiences in life?  Because that is what helps make you, as well as break you.   

When did you actually decide that music was the way to go?   

During the Spring of 2005 when I recorded a mixed tape and received great response from people of all cultures.   

The lyrics for your songs on Hood Rich are fantastic.  Did you - do you - write all your own lyrics?   

Yes, I wrote all of the lyrics for the Hood Rich album, which also features other artists on songs with me like, My Boo " and Cyber S*x, " who also wrote their own lyrics.     

Who are your music idols?   

Well, I really never looked to them as idols, or had a favorite, because I listen to all types of music including, R&B, Rap, Country, Jazz, and Blues.     

The rap/hip hop world became huge in the late 80`s and 90`s and seems to be coming back strong now, how do you feel about the hip hop/rap performers nowadays?  Do you think they`ve become better?   

No disrespect to any artist, but nowadays you only have a handful of artists who really put the time and effect into the work and performance that goes into presenting a good show.   

Can you tell fans how you feel about performing?  Is performing "live` one of the best things that music has brought to you?   

I love performing and meeting people who respect and love the music I do.  The best thing about music for me is the freedom I get through writing.  It helps me to escape and relieve stress - the same great feeling I get when I play basketball.     

You have a solid message and spirit that you give to your fans when you sing.  Are there other concerts coming up where your fans could see you?   

No concerts at this time.  But, the new management company I`m now with is working on putting together some up-coming tour dates.  Just keep following me on Twitter "plus, I have a web page I`m about to launch, so just keep a look out for the link.      

Are you working on a follow-up album to Hood Rich?   

Oh, yeah.  I`m always working.  My next album will have approximately eighteen new "hot` tracks with  featured artists from Rap to R&B, which I plan to release in the Summer of 2012.  I`ll keep you all updated on that one.   

I ask all of the music performers this question because fans seem to really want to know your view.  How do you feel about stages such as American Idol to launch the next superstar?   

I think it`s cool that shows like American Idol are giving many people a chance to unleash their talents.  I think there should be even more contests like that so true talents can be uncovered in the world of music.


And these final questions are the fun " ones for all the readers and fans out there "   

Besides music, what is a profession you would like to try?   

Acting, because it shows another side of me.   

What profession would you NEVER like to try:   

Anything that consists of clocking in from 8 to 5, sitting behind a desk, and wearing  a suit and tie.    

What`s your favorite word?   

Determination, because it give me an edge on whatever I want to accomplish.   

What`s your least favorite word?   

Can`t -  the reason I say this, is because this word puts limits on what you want to accomplish during your life.   

And, finally, if Heaven exists, what would you like God to say to you when you enter the Pearly Gates?   

Well done, my son   

There you have it fans, the first (and, definitely not last) interview with D`Driva!  This is a man who is definitely headed down many paths, including a huge music career.  I believe, as far as acting is concerned, DeJuan Driva has a great deal to offer the world through that outlet as well.  In fact, every time I hear more about D`Driva, or listen to the incredible words he has to say, I find myself with that tingle " - knowing that the "big screen` is going to be part of D`Driva`s world.    

This is not someone who is here for the moment, gang.  D`Driva is here for the full ride, " and he throws himself - unlike the performers today - into his work.  His entire soul, huge spirit, and unmatched talent, are seen in every video, heard on every song, and cheered on every stage.     

Mark my words, there will come a year up ahead where D`Driva accepts the Grammy, DeJuan Driva accepts the Oscar, and who knows what else!  THAT is how super of a star D`Driva is destined to become!   

Until Next Time, Everybody!  

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