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Published:July 5th, 2011 16:37 EST
The Magic of Angie Woods

The Magic of Angie Woods

By Krista Boyer


Hello again, readers.  I am always exhilarated when the time comes to put together another article about the fantastic, Angie Woods.  All of you have heard Angie Woods` story as well as her remarkable songs.  She is THE songwriter in the industry today - with so much heart and so much to say, that Angie Woods NEEDS to be on the top ten lists across the globe.   

Her story has occupied a place in my mind and heart ever since I was first introduced to her music.  I am always amazed by the strength of Angie Woods; how she literally rose like a phoenix from some very horrific ashes in order to sing the songs that help so many others through their lives.  Singers and songwriters are very rarely role-models, as you all know.  They are in it for the cash, the acclaim, and the time they are given to gyrate on a stage.  Angie Woods is one soul who actually believes in what she sings.     

When I hear any of her songs such as, Mama And A Baby.  This unforgettable tune is like a chant inside my mind: freedom is what you make it freedom is a state of mind that can only grow in time.  I have only tingled a very few times in my life.  You know?  That feeling when a performer opens their mouths, or the spotlight hits them on stage, and you KNOW that you are about to hear the most amazing thing you`ve ever heard.  That  `tingle` is different for everyone.  In fact, I remember when I was about ten-years-old and I was watching The Grammy`s for, what I believe, was the first time.  (I was a movie buff, so The Oscars were all I ever watched as far as award shows went.)  But a spotlight was shown on the stage and a tall, skinny boy stood in that blazing glow.  He had his head down, a hat covering his eyes, and wore one white glove that glittered brighter than any dress these Grammy winners wore.  A beat began, and this young man began to moonwalk across the stage, and his fan base grew monumental in that one second - that one second that introduced the world to the next King.    

Now, whether or not you liked him later in life, the  `tingle` was ever-present when Michael Jackson gave a performance.  And that moment in the spotlight will never die.  HE was a star that burned bright and, unfortunately, burnt out far too soon.   

When I first heard Angie Woods, I was watching a video.  There was no spotlight.  There were no women covered in gold lame gowns with priceless diamonds strewn around their necks.  There was simply a singer/songwriter sitting on the stage in front of a microphone, strumming a guitar, and telling a fabulous story.  This singer had also proven, after that video came to an end, that she was a true star.  And with a past that involved coming through the darkness scathed, yet resilient and strong, with a determination that no one could ever take from her - I knew then that Angie Woods was going to shine in the spotlight one day, but also owned the will and power to make sure that her star lasted a long, long time.   

I am a researcher at heart.  I need to know what that one thing is.  It`s that  `special quality` that only some possess, and I wanted to know where on earth that comes from.  Are we born with it?  Or, do we have to go through fire to get it?  All I do know is that Angie Woods writes songs that send electric shocks through the listener.  The Power Deep Inside, a haunting melody Guitar Lady, a song that embodies who Angie Woods is and other works of art she`s created that focus on love, indecision, and fear - with all of them, I have yet to hear a boring or norm lyric come out of this lady`s mouth, and I asked her how SHE feels about performing.  Does she get the same "tingle` as her audience does when she slams home a point or envelops them with her words?  This is what she had to say:    

Do you specifically like large venues, or smaller audiences that allow you to be more one on one with a fan?   

As an artist I would say I`d have to be able to adapt to both, and each situation would have its benefits, so it would be more about enjoying the positive from all different sized locations rather than preferring just one type.    

What kind of energy do you get from live performing does it actually create more ideas for songs?    

I get a sort of high from performing and, no, not exactly life and ALL of life`s experiences are what create ideas for song writing, and playing live in front of an audience is just a very small part of that.   

Can you tell our readers about the very first time you performed?    

I was sixteen when I did my first performance in front of my school classmates, and the feedback was good.  As far as I know the performance went very well.  There were definitely nerves involved - my legs were shaking while I was singing, but I managed to do it all without the nervousness appearing in my voice.   

What are your live performances like now?  Is there still that adrenaline rush as if you`d just stepped out on the stage for the first time?   

They have gotten a lot better although, Lord the day you can step on stage and not feel that rush would be the day you need to walk away from it all....THAT should always be there.   

What is the oddest  `thing` a fan has said to you - something you`ll always remember?   

Your show would be so much better if you played the saucepans. I`ll never forget that, although it was a joke. J   

Can I assume songwriting is a lot like novel writing?  When the song or piece hits you, you can write an entire song in what seems like seconds - yet there are others you end up grinding your teeth on, but never giving up on, because you KNOW there`s something incredible there?   

Yes!  Completely!  At least, that is how it works with me.  Although, I can`t say it works for everyone that way.   

What would be the one place where you would LOVE to perform?    

Hmm I would have to say a Queensland Beach concert in Australia.   

Now I envy Queensland.  J  There are months, perhaps years, when things seem bleak and then a song or a performer comes along that your mind and heart attach to because they make the bad stuff disappear.  You learn, you grow, and you BELIEVE in what they`re saying.  Living a nightmare, I believe, would be easier than actually surviving that nightmare and going on to create a dream.  THAT is something not many have the power to do.  THAT is a power that Angie Woods has and, thankfully, she allows the rest of the world to be a part of her dream.   

I would recommend ALL to go to Angie Woods` sites and hear that music.  The  `tingle` WILL begin!   

Until Next Time, Everybody!   

For more information on Angie Woods:;;;!/pages/Angie-Jones/117986718270073;;