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Published:July 6th, 2011 15:37 EST

Queen Of Pop Madonna Has Recorded Duet With Daughter Lourdes

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Madonna has reportedly recorded a duet with her teenage daughter Lourdes.

The `4 Minutes` icon is allegedly keen to help the teen launch a successful pop career, and may use the duet as a basis to do so.


The pair have recorded a track titled `It`s So Cool`, with the popstar currently contemplating whether to feature it on her next studio album or to include it as part of the soundtrack to her new movie W.E." Read More 

Since Madonna hit it big in the 80`s many pop stars have been hyped as the new "Queen of Pop." Lady Gaga is the latest is a long list of wannabes with marginal talents who have been declared the successor to the Material Girl. Needless to say Lady Gaga is unworthy to wash let alone wear Madonna`s purple leotards.

Maybe Madonna`s flesh and blood will be the new "Queen of Pop", or at least the "Princess of Pop." I can`t wait to hear the Madonna/Lourdes duet, I bet it will rock.

Lourdes has already made her mark in the world of fashion, designing clothes in association with her famous mother. It`s time that the teenager made her mark in the world of pop music.

Lourdes, pop music needs you, we are sick and tired of copycats stealing your mom`s legacy.


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