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Published:July 7th, 2011 10:40 EST
The Amazing D.H. DaHitWryter is Getting Ready to Show Fans  The Other Side of Reality!

The Amazing D.H. DaHitWryter is Getting Ready to Show Fans The Other Side of Reality!

By Krista Boyer
Remember Me


This writer has been extraordinarily lucky these past few months to be able to listen and learn from an incredible singer/writer/performer by the name of D.H. DaHitWryter.  I have also been lucky enough to be able to bring this amazing writer`s words to readers everywhere.     

This is a woman who is truly a singer and performer at heart, but the most amazing power comes from her words.  D.H. DaHitWryter keeps putting together great song after unforgettable song after monumental song, teaching lessons, evoking emotions, and making her an absolute god-send that fans everywhere want to listen to 24/7.   

In the history of our world there have been speakers who have  `drawn in` the public because of the determination and all-out power they had when they delivered their words to the masses.  But this newest generation is one who hasn`t really had much of a spokesperson thus far.  In fact, the people who have sat in some of the  `highest` seats in our country in the past ten years haven`t exactly been anyone you even wanted at your dinner table, let alone someone you wanted to copy. And others, as I`ve said before, do have something to say but only one thing.  They churn out the same mantra time and time again, without ever doing anything to  `back up` what they are trying to teach others.     

The minute I began writing and conversing over the email with this incredible woman, I was stunned not just by how much she had to say, but the incredible ways in which she said it.  Every other week, I`ve brought to you fans out there some of the finest words to be written on paper in a very long time.  Week after week we`ve shown that D.H. DaHitWryter has soundly covered the bases of romance, faith, hope, strength, will, and how to change and better our society.   

D.H. DaHitWryter has been:  Daydreaming of world peace and an end to poverty; seeing the day when this nation ends all discrimination;  when equality becomes more than a definition and is a way of life.     

These unforgettable words come from her poem, Visions.  But to D.H. DaHitWryter it`s not just a poem or a lyric - it`s what she actually feels and believes!     

You see, D.H. DaHitWryter has a gift for seeing, feeling, and being able to interpret reality.  Whether that reality is bad or good, she is one of the few on the planet who can see that we need to alter the future - we need to change what we are doing presently and fix what we`ve messed up along the way.  She has an alternate reality, " and her reality is based on the way things SHOULD go from here, and the direction this country needs to turn in order to go down the right path.   

Every time I listen to a D.H. DaHitWryter song, or read one of her poems, I realize what an incredible journey we`re on.  I also realize, a bit frighteningly, that this journey could come to an end.  Let me give you an example.  One of this writer`s pains  comes from The Civil War - a mistake of the past.  I am still disgusted that a nation - born on freedom and independence and what is RIGHT had to battle each other.  Let me say that again battle each other.  There was no Bin Laden, there was no Fuhrer, there was not one horrific monster that would go down in history as being the worst of the worst who every country, including America, could band together and fight the demons that they were.  In The Civil War we went up against each other and that very well could happen again.  This time, perhaps, we will go against each other over technology, money, the stock market - who knows?  There are so many heinous points to look at in this world that the trigger could be anything.  I hope we`ve grown up since then.  I hope when we say WE are America that WE are all of us.  And D.H. DaHitWryter wants that too.  She WANTS us to see the bad things before it`s too late - because if you don`t see them and acknowledge their presence, then you won`t try to change them.   

I received an incredible gift today on my email letting me know that D.H. DaHitWryter has released two brand new songs - fantastic songs that are sure to add to her huge vault of hits.   Everyday and Remember Me are two singles that will play a prominent part in D.H. DaHitWryter`s next project titled, The Other Side of Reality,  and I urge each and every one of you to go to YouTube right now at and get in at the very beginning of this new album because it will be a smash hit.  And soon, D.H. DaHitWryter`s first book called, Poetic Conversations with D.H. will hit the shelves.     

Dionne Halsey is her name.  I have heard her voice sing out some of the most entertaining and beautiful arrangements from rap to gospel, to hip-hop and R&B.  This woman who once saw herself as the ultimate basketball star, proves again and again to the entire world that she is someone to listen to!  She, beyond a shadow of a doubt, has the innate ability to touch YOUR life and do it with the serene, unforgettable, and somewhat brutally honest poetry that resides in her mind and soul.   

I have raved before about D.H. DaHitWryter`s words that focus on love being the ultimate and the correct way to cure the ridiculousness that we are suffering from in America.  Through her Faith in Love:   

When love fails, it`s not love, it`s the false lover...

the lover who played false roles undercover...

be inspired to fly higher instead of falling in what some are calling love...   

D.H. DaHitWryter becomes the eagle flying above that DOES inspire us to be better, to not go down that road that may once again bring us to our own end at our own hands.   

D.H. DaHitWryter says that she is more than music. I`m an intelligent young woman trying to be successful in more ways than one!  Not only do I care about my success, but I also want to help others be successful, so I am here to take you on a journey with me - personally and publicly.   

One of the greatest parts of her soul is the fact that D.H. DaHitWryter is a positive role-model in a world that has very few.  The best bears repeating and I`ve spoken about The Best You before, which calls out to everyone who will listen to sit down and understand her conclusions:    

Don`t grow complacent, keep chasing.

Run down your dreams like a sprinter dashes across the finish line.

Think of your legacy and how you will be defined when your life ends and you leave the world behind.

Inspect and reflect, look over and into your life.   

Dionne Halsey is a woman, a writer, and a role-model.  D.H. DaHitWryter is the music artist within Dionne`s soul who will bring us all into The Other Reality with a true guardian and awesome role-model by our side.    

Until Next Time, Everybody!


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