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Published:July 8th, 2011 10:02 EST

Harrods Sales Lady Quits: Dept. Store Demanded She Wear Make-Up

By Robert Paul Reyes

"For five years, Melanie Stark worked diligently as a sales assistant at Harrods and won a commendation for customer service.

But she says bosses finally decided her face didn`t fit - because she refuses to wear make-up.


Miss Stark, 24, resigned after she was twice sent home from the Knightsbridge department store for refusing to comply with its strict dress code"

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Melanie looks stunning without make-up, cosmetics wouldn`t enhance her cherubic appearance. Melanie looks so angelic that if I saw her in a bar I would recite a "Hail Mary" instead of hitting on her.

Harrods policy requiring its female sales staff to wear make-up is sexist and silly. The ideal woman isn`t all tarted-up, there`s a lot to be said for natural beauty.

I will concede that some women would be well-advised not to leave their homes without applying tons of make-up. Have you ever seen Oprah Winfrey without make-up? Hello!

However a copy of the dress code was handed to Stark when she was hired by Harrods, if she felt that strongly about not wanting to wear make-up she should never have accepted the job.

We just can`t pick and choose which rules we will obey at the workplace or anywhere else. Chaos would ensue if every employee had or one two workplace policies that he wouldn`t comply with -- rules are rules!

Let`s hope that Harrods changes its archaic rule, every woman should be allowed to decide for herself whether or not she needs make-up.

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