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Published:July 8th, 2011 11:09 EST

Should Cursive Writing Be Taught In Shools? No Way!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Indiana Department of Education has issued a directive allowing schools to discontinue teaching cursive with an increased focus on keyboarding skills."


Cursive writing is seldom legible, and it should be banned not only from schools, but in the workplace and everywhere else. It`s ludicrous to teach children cursive writing, it`s an archaic skill they don`t need in real life. .


Teachers should also allow students to use calculators to solve math problems. It`s cruel for a teacher to make his students rack their brains trying to solve an equation when it can be solved in a second by a calculator.

Spelling tests should be banned in our schools. Hello! There`s spell check!

Gym class? Why should we torment our kids by forcing them to wear dorky shorts and doing calisthenics? Every class should be supplied with wii game consoles, students can get a good workout playing video games on this fabulous machine.

S(e)x education classes should be banned as well, thanks to the Internet kids probably know more about s(e)x than their teachers.

Maybe we should do away with school altogether, just implant a computer chip in children that will automatically give them all the knowledge they need to make it in the world.

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