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Published:July 9th, 2011 11:48 EST
FlyRydaz!  It`s Almost HERE!  Our Forgotten Warriors Road to Recovery Tour!

FlyRydaz! It`s Almost HERE! Our Forgotten Warriors Road to Recovery Tour!

By Krista Boyer
Cups in the Air


***Free Concert for the Troops***
At Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM)
Tacoma, WA
July 14, 2011

Single Soldier`s Day: Our Forgotten Warriors Road To Recovery Tour

We`ve been talking about it, gang. And next week, the fantastically exciting Pop band, FlyRydaz, will take their place alongside artists such as hip/hop greats, Somaya Boss " Reece; Lil Kappa; Sgt Dunson; UFC woman, Arianny Celeste; American Idol finalist, Jessica Ann Sierra; country artist, Jonathan Harris; The Banjo Boyz, a country hip-hop band; reggae group, Kounterfeit Change; metal band, Dementia; and, Traci Bingham - to salute and support America`s sacred soldiers!

The buzz has been built and is flying all over the internet about the incredible group, FlyRydaz. These three gifted men came together to create one of the best electrifying pop groups that this nation has ever seen. But on the 14th of July, their amazing performance for our beloved men and women in arms, will vault FlyRydaz directly into the stratosphere.

React, Rook, and Woodz (A.K.A. FlyRydaz) are lending their beautiful voices to this event. And when I say beautiful I mean - stunning, exciting, one-of-a-kind, don`t miss out, the next big thing - voices! You know Rook. Rook is that ultimate singer who has also had many successful single projects, from a mixtape to an acting career, where he was a member of the popular PBS show, Zoom! Woodz is a founding member of FlyRydaz, and one of the most dynamic writer/performers who ever took the stage. A fantastic singer, Woodz` performances are beyond unique. And, last but never least, there is the talent of React. A member of FlyRydaz who originally played with a group called SRS, React is a fantastic performer.

The amazing amount of talent that FlyRydaz is going to bring to the stage on July 14th is what made FlyRydaz become one of my most favorite bands of all time. FlyRydaz wanted to give back; they truly wanted to lend their talent to helping, serving, and celebrating the lives of our wounded soldiers and their struggling families.

FlyRydaz is all about motivation and excitement. Which means they fit right in with the mission and vision of Our Forgotten Warriors. In fact, on the amazing website of Our Forgotten Warriors, they speak quite clearly about motivation, and how family members, friends - the world - can motivate a solider to live life with hope once again. They teach that no matter what has happened to a soldier - in the service of US, by the way - they can still achieve their dreams.

There is an amazing article on Our Forgotten Warriors, that speaks of a patient`s family members and friends, and how they can only aid in the physical rehabilitation of their loved one afflicted with TBI to a limited degree; BUT, that limited degree is what holds the key to a significant part of recovery. Families know each and every solider better than any doctor, therapist, or nurse, and the wounded solider is affected by a family`s praise far more than anyone can imagine. Whether it be a husband, wife, father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, or other - love and support is the power that can stimulate their brain and help in healing it.

Brain injury survivors are highly suggestible, especially from a family member or loved one. If they are consistently told that they will recover, from the people they trust the most, they will do much better. A brain can be exercised as if it were any muscle, and if a caregiver consistently works and does their own brand of therapy with a patient (of course only after a health care professional okay`s it), then miracles " may happen.

Patience from a family member or loved one is second in importance to positive statements. It is difficult to wait until a patient performs a task, but to let them do it and not do it for them in order to get the job done, is the best gift you can give your beloved warrior. Positive Reinforcement is the key! Loved ones can achieve this with their blessed warrior, and FlyRydaz can achieve this on stage.

These three men are consistently heroes in their own right, because they make people feel good and add excitement and creativity to life. That is very much like adding a torch of light into a very dark place; their music, lyrics, and pure enjoyment of life rubs off on audiences everywhere when these incredible men take the stage!

Seeing as that the absolute best should always be repeated, I want to remind all readers of something I wrote a couple of weeks ago, because it demands to be heard. RIGHT NOW on the site of Our Forgotten Warriors, there is a young man and his family who are in need of assistance to help with paying bills -such as utilities, rent, and groceries - while waiting for VA and SSI compensation to be finalized. THAT is unacceptable. Our Forgotten Warriors has already paid a portion of the bills for this family of five, and are working with the young soldier`s congressman to get this situation under control, but OFW needs to raise funds to help cover unpaid rent, reoccurring utilities, and provide food for this family. NOW is the time to go to the Our Forgotten Warriors website and make that donation!

Our Forgotten Warriors is a site that absolutely EVERY ONE of YOU out there has to visit! This is an organization that was begun by a young man named Brandon Gauvreau who, on July 19, 2007 at the age of only nineteen, suffered a Hemorrhagic stroke at McChord AFB in Lakewood, WA. When you read his story - and you SHOULD - you will find that this hero has been to several treatment facilities, and when it was time for him to enter into a community reintegration program he and his family suddenly realized the lack of available facilities. Because of this, Brandon founded Our Forgotten Warriors so that all OUR wounded would have an opportunity to be as independent and productive in their community as they possibly could be. Hello?! What better cause is there to support?

FlyRydaz is one of few that will be a part of this concert. They are giving their time and their talent to get the word out about an organization that should already be receiving so many donations that they barely have time to make a deposit! And fans of FlyRydaz can help!

FlyRydaz will be giving a fantastic performance for the benefit of this extraordinary organization, and YOU need to do your part. As the FlyRydaz men - Rook, Woodz, and React - bring their extraordinary brand of life-affirming sound and killer "vibe` - proving to the world that they are fantastic role-models for the rest of us - we can support this incredible cause, too!

Support FlyRydaz. Get on board with this amazing trio who are soon to become superstars, and give whatever you can - time, money, goods, and/or services to the `Warriors` who have dedicated their lives to the rest of us!


Free Concert for the Troops at

Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM)

Tacoma, WA

July 14, 2011

Single Soldier`s Day

Our Forgotten Warriors Road To Recovery Tour


Our Forgotten Warriors 91-1200 Keaunui Drive #300 Ewa Beach, HI 96706 General Email: Phone: 360-989-9363


Make a donation below using Google Checkout or PayPal. You may also mail in your donation by using the mail-in form on their site.

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