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Published:July 11th, 2011 15:41 EST
Forever Jayden Morris A Superstar Takes the Stage!

Forever Jayden Morris A Superstar Takes the Stage!

By Krista Boyer


Jayden Morris took the stage at the Forever Michael " event in Dynamo, Eindhoven on June 25th and - not surprisingly - brought the house down.   

It was not so long ago when this writer said, I was introduced to a "King` in the making when I was sent a video to watch.  When that video began to play, with lovely music sweeping in the background, the camera focused on a very handsome man.  But the looks, literally, were erased from my mind, and were immediately replaced with a voice that hit my soul like a sledgehammer.  This voice can only be described as what, I believe, the angels must sound like upon entering Heaven.  When Jayden Morris opened his mouth and uttered his first lyric in my world, I actually felt a shot of electricity flow through my veins - a unique, powerful, and dignified voice that truly resonated from a soon-to-be-superstar`s soul.     

I have not changed my mind over the weeks, readers, about Jayden Morris.  If anything, I have become more and more of a fan with each passing day.  And, let`s face it, I would have given anything to be in Eindhoven on June 25th to see the amazing vocal tribute that he gave to honor a "King` who will never be matched in any lifetime.   

Jayden Morris created a debut CD titled, Beyond, that fans across the globe are rallying behind.  In fact, the word "masterpiece` has been used by far more people and writers than just myself.  And the track, Philadelphia, is quickly becoming one of the most unforgettable songs in the history of music.   

The Forever Michael " tribute was an evening full of enjoyment, life, remembrances, and stunning music.  I am honored because I was able to receive the information about this fabulous extravaganza from the man who, most certainly, made his mark upon the world with his extraordinary voice.  Jayden Morris let me know that June 25th was a memorable night:   

It was really fantastic.  A great many performances were given, and I was honored to sing the classics:   She`s Out of My Life, Heal the World, and Smile.  The crowd was extremely enthusiastic, especially when She`s Out of My Life began, (which, quite obviously, is a favorite of many).  It has all been recorded by three camera`s, so there will be enough material for all to see and experience.    

Jayden Morris went on to let me know that there were some fantastic Michael Jackson impersonators; so talented that, at times, it almost seemed as if the "King` was actually there.  One gentleman sung just like him, and Jayden has promised his fans that he will send along a video for posting when it`s ready, and a full write-up about the night.     

The day before the event, the Dutch television spent some of their time letting the fans know that there would be a great memorial day for "The King of Pop,` so everyone was truly ready and excited when Jayden Morris took the stage.   

Jayden Morris is an artist who delivers the same sort of mystifying strength and power that dwelled in the lyrics, melodies, and vibrant sound that Michael Jackson brought to the world, so adding his remarkable voice to the event was a true gift " for Michael`s beloved fans everywhere.  International artists such as, Mike Alvarez, Daan Wolfs, Nick Marshall, and more, joined Jayden Morris to resurrect some beloved memories.  But, this writer has to say it, I truly believe that no other performer even came close to the star power that Jayden Morris offered when he took the microphone.     

In addition to the perfection of Jayden Morris, apparently there was an open stage which gave fans the opportunity to give their own tribute to Michael Jackson, as well as a "quiet room,` with a candle-filled stage to remember the beloved "King.`  There was even a DJ on hand to take fans back through the years with Michael`s unforgettable music.

America was home base " to Michael Jackson for a good, long time, but his fan base was absolutely global, which is just the type of fan base that Jayden Morris is absolutely going to build "and he`s in the right location to begin.  Many people and columnists have remarked, that one of the most faithful groups of fans on Earth is based in the Netherlands.  These are people who believe in the power of music, and their devotion to their chosen artists is unprecedented. 

Another truly devoted fan?  Just recently, the jacket worn by Michael Jackson for what is STILL the best and most powerful video of all time - Thriller - was sold for a true fortune.  Milton Verret of Super Hero Kids Fund, is the new owner of that famous red and black leather jacket (worn by the best screen werewolf of all time; the one who even outshines everyone`s favorite "Twilight` boy).  This jacket became an icon in and of itself in the pop music world, and Milton Verret, an Austin man who has big plans for its future, is now the owner of one of the largest Michael Jackson treasures in the world.  Verret paid $1.8 million dollars to own the garment, and plans on using the outfit for children`s charities.   

The mission of the Super Hero Kids Fund is to provide funding for the Children`s Blood and Cancer Center of Central Texas - to enhance the quality of life for patients and their families during treatment.  This worthy organization is committed to raising awareness of the special needs of children fighting childhood cancers and blood disorders through fundraising efforts, community partnerships, and the spirit of volunteerism.   

That incredible red and black leather jacket that Michael Jackson wore while dancing with the undead, will now be a part of helping these incredible children.  An avid collector, Milton Verret plans to display his latest acquisition at an Austin children`s hospital before sending it on tour to raise even more money for children`s charities.   

Isn`t that amazing?  Michael continues to give and support this world, just as the incredible Jayden Morris does with his unstoppable talent.  I don`t want to give too much away, but fans will be so unbelievably delighted to hear that Jayden Morris is currently speaking with a large " record company that is intelligent enough to see the enormity of talent that Jayden Morris possesses.  (Just a little taste, readers.  There will be more on this in the near future J)  There are also some events we will cover in the upcoming weeks where Jayden Morris will strut his stuff, this summer and beyond "   

In the end, "Forever Michael` is a prelude to "Forever Jayden.`  Why?  Michael Jackson was an icon but was taken away from this world much too soon.  With Jayden Morris, this world has been gifted with yet another superstar, but a superstar who will be around a good, long time and his incredible music will go on Forever.  Jayden Morris is truly an ambassador of great music who will enable a whole new generation to have a true "King!`   

And just imagine how much money HIS jacket will go for one day! J   

Until Next Time, Everybody!


To find out more information on Jayden Morris, visit: " Netherlands