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Published:July 11th, 2011 12:11 EST
Live Rounds: A Story of Conflict

Live Rounds: A Story of Conflict

By Ernest Dempsey

Screen writer and director Chris Kohout is up for an exciting project called Live Rounds that will be released both as a graphic novel and as a feature film full of action and conflict, both physical and emotional.

The story of the project places at its center a team of bounty hunters hired by a charming but inwardly ruthless drug lord who is after a corporate thief and wants him dead. As the team of bounty hunters reach their target, they realize that he doesn`t deserve the fate his foe has written for him through his hired agents. And thus the conflict takes a thrilling turn with the mutinous gang running for their lives while saving that of the kid they were hired to hunt. 

The project has an ensemble cast for the film while the novel will come out as a 120-page, full-color magazine-sized publication. Before embarking on the project, Chris Kohout studied screenwriting and story structure thoroughly and also wrote two other screenplays before getting to this dream project. The film is expected to start shooting later this year while the novel is in progress already.

Like any notable project, one important consideration in this venture is funding. The project will only be funded if $18, 000 is pledged by August 20, 2011. So we have a call for participating in this venture and earn various levels of credit, based on how much or little one can pledge. Those who want to back this project by pledging fund, please click here.