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Published:July 12th, 2011 15:46 EST

HBO's Bill Maher: Sarah Palin Can Win The Presidency

By Robert Paul Reyes

Bill Maher told Piers Morgan that Sarah Palin could win the Republican nomination, and then anything could happen. Maher is an astute observer of pop culture, and his opinion carries a lot of weight.


If the unemployment figures don`t drastically improve and the economy doesn`t get any better, a ripe cantaloupe could beat Obama in the general election.

Fortunately, Sarah Palin is having too much fun being a celeb to run for president. If a well-educated intellectual like Obama can`t fix the economy, imagine the chaos that would ensue if Palin was in charge of the economy?

If I`m wrong and Palin becomes the next President of the United States, then the Maya prophecy will be fulfilled and cataclysmic changes will occur in 2012.

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