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Published:July 13th, 2011 14:26 EST

Video: Anna Graceman Sings 'What A Wonderful World' On 'America's Got Talent'

By Robert Paul Reyes

I hate little kids, rainbows stress me out, and I don`t dance in the freakin` rain. This world is a horrible, horrible place and only the promise of the sweet oblivion of death gives me the strength to persevere.


I turn off the radio when a sugary pop song comes on -- give me the intellectual brilliance of jazz or the therapeutic benefits of heavy metal. Silly love songs are for Paul McCartney, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and optimistic morons.

However I love Louis Armstrong`s rendition of "What a Wonderful World", the juxtaposition of the jazz master singing the syrupy song wit his gravelly voice works against all odds.

When 11-year-old singer, Anna Graceman. announced that she was going to sing "What a Wonderful World" on "America`s Got Talent", I almost threw up. But the child prodigy did the song justice, she rocked the house and was rewarded with a standing ovation.

I still don`t like kids,and when I see a rainbow I wish I could erase it from the sky, but I`ve learned to give Anna Graceman the benefit of the doubt. Even if Anna declared that she was going to sing Debby Boone`s "You Light Up My LIfe", I wouldn`t turn the TV off.

Judge for yourself:

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