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Published:July 15th, 2011 21:35 EST
Kinetic Cycling Welcomes Celebrity Integrated Performance and Wellness Coach: Gary Kobat

Kinetic Cycling Welcomes Celebrity Integrated Performance and Wellness Coach: Gary Kobat

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Kinetic Cycling, a LA based state-of-the-art premier cycling studio, has teamed up with Olympic Mentalist, Gary Kobat, for his 15th Annual Indoor Tour de France Cycling Classes. The LA native, whose clients include Jim CarreyMariska HargitayWill Ferrell, is a highly respected and sought-after Performance Coach. Known for his ability to inspire, educate, and empower his clients, Gary lives and breathes his message of Infinite Possibility Thinking.   


With 17 year`s indoor cycling experience, Kobat has created an event and a program utilizing his one-of-a-kind self-mastery system.  Based on the hundred`s of thousands of miles doing the "inner-road-work" at a World-Class level, Kobat instills the worlds` best mind/body/spirit/sport training strategies and techniques into each participant  - thus assisting them to move out of their minds, redirect their focus, and connect to their bodies in the same way an empowered, elite athlete can. 


Talk about fun and inspiring, Kobat is the best friend anyone`s self-esteem could ever have.


  "Gary has been my inspiration and mentor for the past 10 years,"  said Jen Posen, longtime member of Kinetic Cycling. He is so incredibly skilled, inspiring, and knowledgeable. When I work with Gary I feel like I am working with a scientist of the mind and body.  Jen, 41, just had her second baby and has the figure of a world-class athlete. "Body by The Indoor Tour "Body by Gary," she laughs.


You may have tried Spinning© or other Indoor Cycling classes, but these 90-minute indoor bike "rides,  are like none other; you will feel like a world-class athlete.


At Kinetic, each rider is connected to a power and wattage meter, an rpm gauge, a gear indicator, time clock, distance odometer in kilometers, and a heart rate monitor. Each rider`s performance is recorded with this information displayed at any time. At the end of each ride, overall performance, power-to-weight ratios and other elite-type Tour de France rider information will be analyzed and shared, enabling the rider to feel a sense of accomplishment, empowered to lose weight, improve, or prepare for the next ride.


Participants, whose ages range from 18-68, will average up to 20 miles per hour, with females averaging 175 watts, and males 210 watts. In true LA fitness fashion, like his recent Indoor Tour in New York City, the riders will come to train, as their power to watt averages are expected to represent 80% of an actual rider on the Tour de France.


With the warm and inviting "Kinetic" environment, blended with the studio`s world-class audio, visual, and training equipment, integrated with Kobat`s energetic and enlightening client-connection and professional cycling experience, the ultimate mind-body-spirit-sport training playground is created. 


Known as "The Transformer" click here and see how Gary wakes up Hollywood and New York, when others can`t.


Participants will receive complimentary nutrition from Gu Sport and Salt-Stick, as well as Gary`s latest Mindful Tools and new e-book, "Your Invisible Power."


WhatIndoor Tour de France Master Classes with Celebrity Trainer



Kinetic Cycling 

11740 San Vicente Blvd Suite 202 

Los Angeles, Ca 90049


fax: 310.820.0999 


When: JULY - Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 - 8:00pm


About Gary Kobat

World Class Athlete and Olympic "Mentalist," Gary Kobat, is quickly becoming the world`s authority on mind, body, spirit, and sport. Gary is on a heart-felt mission to inspire millions of people to reveal their vibrational highest best self: mentally, physically, and spiritually. The author, international speaker, and Integrative Performance Coach mixes ancient wisdom with cutting-edge trends in human performance to focus his teachings and practice on the importance of self-love and self-worth. Gary`s client list is a who`s who in film, business, and sport. For the past decade he has quietly assisted the spiritually, health, wellness, and longevity of Jim Carrey, Mariska Hargitay, Will Ferrell, and countless others.


For a complimentary copy of Gary`s weekly Mindful Tools and ebook go to: Connect with Gary on Facebook.


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