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Published:July 17th, 2011 11:46 EST

Carmageddon As Scary As Pig-Tailed Girl Scout Sticking Her Tongue Out

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Motorists largely heed the warnings about `Carmageddon` and stay off the freeways and roads officials feared could be gridlocked.

Life without the 405 Freeway to connect the San Fernando Valley and Westside was remarkable only for what didn`t happen. The canyons of the Hollywood Hills did not become giant parking lots. Hospitals did not go unstaffed. Stranded motorists did not abandon their cars and stagger down the freeways in search of food and water."


Carmageddon was billed as an impending apocalypse that would turn LA`s freeway system into a giant parking lot. I expected to see scenes of Angelenos abandoning gridlocked freeways in search of water, restrooms and food.

I was convinced Carmageddon would go down in history as the harbinger of the death of America`s car culture. I was hopeful that Carmageddon would persuade my fellow citizens that we needed to invest in high-speed rail and other forms of mass transit.

Alas, Carmageddon resembled a peaceful scene in a documentary about America`s wonderful freeways -- it didn`t remind anyone of a horror flick.

Snowmageddon conjured up images of a post-apocalyptic frozen nightmare, but Carmageddon is as frightening as a 7-year-old pig-tailed girl scout aiming a water pistol at your noggin.

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