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Published:July 17th, 2011 10:51 EST
Introducing Mr. Make Moves A REAL 'Jack of All Trades!'

Introducing Mr. Make Moves A REAL 'Jack of All Trades!'

By Krista Boyer
Watch Her Take Over

Okay, gang.  We speak thousands of times a week about the latest performers, groups, musicians, artists, companies "everything.  But I have yet to come at you with a "subject` who is not only one of the above, but ALL of the above.  I am extremely excited about introducing you to this person who is not only an artist, songwriter, producer, and D.J. - but he is also a talent scout, CEO, and "branding` genius.  In fact, this incredible man is what you will soon call  "the best of the best` in all artistic realms.   

Ryan Fleming is the gentleman I`m talking about, but you will get to know him much, much better as Mr. Make Moves!  (I love that title)  And there is, quite simply, so much to say about this astounding man, that I will start at the beginning.  Mr. Make Moves is from Northern Virginia, and was born with a powerful "gene` that is absolutely full of self-motivation and determination.  When he was only eighteen years of age Mr. Make Moves, an incredible hip-hop artist, set aside a career in basketball and grabbed on to a microphone.  A decision that his fans will be eternally-grateful for.     

In the very beginning, when Mr. Make Moves first started taking music seriously, he wanted to be a part of - or, an addition to - another "artistic` situation that was already established.  But that "gene` inside of him took over and Mr. Make Moves quickly began to feel like "something` was out of place.  Something just didn`t feel right in his career, and that "something` was simply the fact that Mr. Make Moves was better than his situation.  This is a young man who had his own path - his own direction - that the hands of fate really wanted him to follow.  So "he did.     

Mr. Make Moves knew that he had an intense passion, desire, drive - and amazing talent - to create music.  However, this young artist who had been "born` to perform not only possessed the skill, but he also had the savvy of a million-dollar businessman.  Mr. Make Moves used his never-ending well of "smarts` to pay very close attention to the mainstream music industry.  From the treatment of artists, to market movements, to record contract details, to sales and marketing, Mr. Make Moves learned everything there was to know in all aspects of the music industry, in order to develop a solid career among the millions who were trying to be the next STAR.  Mr. Make Moves made the first of many wise decisions by "hiring` himself to be in charge of his own destiny, and took full control of his career.   

Still just eighteen years of age, Mr. Make Moves created his own independent music entertainment company called, rightly so, Make Moves Entertainment.  Not to mention a publishing company which would be born at the age of twenty-one (but, that will come later).  Beginning his own independent label was certainly no easy task.  Mr. Make Moves used his keen eye to build his company into something extraordinary, strategically adding producers and artists to his label, as well as assembling "street teams` that are used for the development of promotional marketing strategies. Mr. Make Moves proved very early on that he was a natural born leader!   

In the summer of 2010, Mr. Make Moves released his highly anticipated mixtape titled, Go In Season Vol. 1, hosted by DJ Eskada.  This fantastic creation was followed by a string of highly artistic music videos and documentaries, one of which garnered a stunning amount of attention.  The "work` was called, C.E.O Edition - a black and white visual that generated over twenty thousand views on MakeMovesTV. "   This is a huge YouTube channel that now has over sixty thousand uploaded views!  See that?  The list of this man`s accomplishments could take up a four hundred page book, AND he`s not even near done.   

Hitting the road with live performances, Mr. Make Moves and team also have been working on the highly anticipated sequel, Go In Season: The Mixtape Vol. 2, which is sponsored by Prolific Entertainment and Executive Produced by @TKonTheTrack and @MrTetrizz in collaborations with several talented individuals from artists to videographers.     

Mr. Make Moves knows what the word "challenge` means and, unlike most, he doesn`t shy away from one - he meets it head-on.  In a world that has become all "flash` and absolutely no substance (as we all know) Mr. Make Moves is completely real!  He feels music down to his soul and doesn`t let anyone or anything get in his way of "creation.`  Running a company, making unforgettable music, while aiding artists who need a step in the right direction - this man proves that he is a non-stop ball of energy and a hugely positive influence in a world that doesn`t have many left.   

What else could this man possibly give to the music industry?  I`ll tell you.  Mr. Make Moves has brought back trust.  I know "trust in the music industry?  That`s like saying there`s water in the Sahara.  It simply doesn`t exist.  But with Mr. Make Moves, trust does very much exist.  His character is beyond reproach, and he fully understands an artist`s struggle.  He understands the business side while at the same time delivering on the artistic side, which is relatively impossible.  Mr. Make Moves has said time and time again that if an artist does not have someone trustworthy handling them and their career, than they are pretty much headed for failure before they even get a shot at success.  That`s why Make Moves Entertainment is the most trusted label for new artists.      

Mr. Make Moves is also extremely understanding of the social networking world.  Computers are it!  Branding is the name of the game!  And Mr. Make Moves KNOWS how to brand.  Talent is key, but being able to get your name and music out there in order to gain popularity and increase your fan base, is a very close second to actual talent.  Mr. Make Moves also knows the downside of branding if the "artist` isn`t careful.  As soon as branding works, and an artist catches on, vultures come out of the proverbial woodwork en masse in order to reap the benefits of all the artist`s hard work.  Trust, honesty, and ethics are qualities that we all know are missing in this world, but Mr. Make Moves not only provides the best songs, the best videos - and a voice that even sounds as if he has the entire knowledge of the music world resting inside his brain - but he also provides a company that radiates "success` and works FOR the artist without taking them for a ride.   

And I`m nowhere near done with my praise.  Mr. Make Moves promotes a concept that I haven`t heard except in old black and white movies from the 20`s.  Don`t just talk, DO!  There are absolutely no good results without good promotion.  What you get out of life is what you put into it, and Mr. Make Moves works endlessly on everything from blogs, to website features, to interviews - releasing new music and updates on live performances - all the key ingredients necessary to make and publicize a star.  And when artists and fans out there see the amount of work that Mr. Make Moves does, they truly respect his wealth of creativity, strength, and confidence.   

Mr. Make Moves performs all over the Greater Washington, D.C. area at clubs, special events, and venues - from the D.M.V all the way to Portland, Oregon.  And, this next piece of info is mind-boggling but true - Team Make Moves was asked to perform by NASA in June of 2010, making them the first and only hip-hop act to perform at the Maryland Goddard Center Campus in twenty years!  Also making headlines as an opening act for Maybach Music`s major recording artist Wale, at Radford University, Team Make Moves offered a stellar performance to a sold-out crowd!    

Not only that, but Mr. Make Moves - who has been asked to do a ton of interviews throughout his career - was asked to appear as a guest on a blog talk radio show known as The Entertainer After Dark.  That particular show had the most live listeners EVER in the history of the weekly show!  That should tell you just how much people and fans want to hear what Mr. Make Moves has to say!    

Originality and the ability to open a dialogue with people that is well above average keeps Mr. Make Moves fan base growing.  Mark my words, Mr. Make Moves, Make Moves Entertainment, Team Make Moves "each and every one will soon become a  household name.   

To get him into your household, I would get on the below sites, watch the videos, and revel in the melodies, beats, and ultra-cool sound that Mr. Make Moves has to offer.  I know I did.   

Until Next Time, Everybody!   

For more information:

Twitter @MrMakeMoves #TeamMakeMoves