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Published:July 17th, 2011 12:20 EST

Outrage! Blondie's Debbie Harry Encourages Amy Winehouse To Act Crazy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Amy`s crazy but I think the crazier the better. I`d love to do something with her in the future. I love ADELE too, she`s got an amazing voice. People keep telling me about Cheryl Cole but I`ve never heard of her." Oops!"


Blondie`s Debbie Harry is a Rock and Roll icon, and she will always have my respect. But it appears that the rock legend is suffering from early onset Alzheimer`s.

I love artists who get their freak on, act outrageously and create avant-garde music. But there`s a difference between pushing the envelope, and opening an envelope of coke and pouring it down your nose.

Debbie shouldn`t encourage Winehouse to act crazier, as an older and wiser musician she should advise the troubled singer to go to rehab.

Debbie is right about Adele, she got a powerful voice and a good head on her shoulders.

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