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Published:July 18th, 2011 09:29 EST
Liason Radio to Celebrate 2 Years on!

Liason Radio to Celebrate 2 Years on!

By Christy Killelea

Since August 15th, 2009, Liason Radio has been on the air on the popular radio website, Liason Radio is a fan-based internet operated radio show where fans of the couple, Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber from the American ABC soap opera, General Hospital can discuss the couple and participate in interviews with special guests. Over the past couple years, these guests have included Kina Grannis (singer of "Ours To Keep", the theme song for Jason & Elizabeth), Jake Coco (another featured singer on General Hospital), Richard Simms (from ABC Soaps In Depth magazine), and RyanWhite-Nobles (owner/editor of Soap Opera Source). The radio show is basically like a talk show, much like the television show, The View where different soap opera related topics are introduced and discussed.

Liason Radio is hosted by Christy Killelea, author of this article and a Liason fan since 2006. She first watched General Hospital due to some fan videos of the show when she was judging them on a message board. Becoming intrigued with why this fandom was so popular, she started to watch General Hospital in February 2006 and became addicted by the summer of 2006. Although she is new to the soap opera fandom, she has developed a passion for it especially when it comes to defending her favorite soap couple, Jason and Elizabeth. After watching the entire history of the couple in 2006, Christy became active in the soap community by joining several Liason message boards and even becoming a main source for Liason video clips in 2007 and continues to be a go-to source for video clips today. She is also an active fandom vidder on Youtube. In addition to Liason Radio, she also hosts a fan-based internet radio show for the popular television series, Glee which is aptly named Glee Radio. On Liason Radio, there is also a passionate co-host by the name of Carly who stays positive and always has something to say about Jason and Elizabeth. Due to the success of Liason Radio, Carly was inspired to create her own show titled, Daytime After Dark which discusses both daytime and primetime television shows. The show is currently held on Monday and Friday nights.

Many Liason fans from around the country and even around the world tune into Liason Radio every Friday night when it is broadcasted on its website. The time of the show is usually about 10:00 pm central and is usually held right after Daytime After Dark airs. Upcoming shows are August 5th and August 12th, but August 15th is the big 2 year anniversary for Liason Radio. There may even be a special guest that night. In order for fans to learn more about the show, they can visit the website at Liason Radio in addition to the Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, and Twitter Page. You can also join the mailing list by e-mailing or filling out the subscription box in the "Show Notes" section at the bottom of the radio`s website.  Listeners are welcome to e-mail in comments, suggestions, and questions to Christy in order to improve the quality of the show. It is all about what the fans want to listen to! So, if you`re a Jason & Elizabeth fan, come check out Liason Radio on Friday nights.