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Published:July 19th, 2011 14:38 EST

Church Holds Mock Retrial of Tot Mom Casey Anthony: Hung Jury!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Yet at the `In Touch With Christ Christian Center`, congregants dived right in as twelve parishioners acted as the jury and were led through the case by Reverend Una Keenon, `a retired municipal court judge for East Cleveland` reports WJW-TV.


But it seemed that a guilty verdict wasn`t any easier the second time around, as the mock trial resulted in a hung jury, with eight parishioners voting guilty and four voting not guilty."

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A Cleveland church held a mock retrial of Casey Anthony the trial ended in a hung jury and Tot Mom once again got away with murder. If the trial had been held at the "Hell Fire and Brimstone Baptist Church" instead of the wimpy "In Touch With Christ Christian Center". Casey would not only have been found guilty of first-degree murder but she would have been burned in effigy as well.

Is it so difficult to find a jury with commonsense, and a basic understanding of the law? If a judge picked 12 jurors from a drunk tank and held a mock trial, I bet Casey Anthony would be found guilty of murder.

If Casey had a lick of sense (she doesn`t), she would turn to Jesus, find refuge at the In Touch Church, and write a bestseller about how the "old" Casey murdered her daughter. The "new" born-again Casey would thank God for the naivety of the American public, and laugh all the way to the bank.

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