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Published:July 19th, 2011 21:22 EST

Washington State Petting Farm Lets Families Test Drive Rabbits

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Washington state petting farm says it allows families to take rabbits for a three-night `test drive` to see what it`s like to care for a pet.

Sherry Russell, manager of the Animal Farm at Forest Park in Everett, said $25 gets a family a three-night `test drive` with a bunny, complete with a cage, shavings, extra hay, food and a water bottle, The (Everett) Daily Herald reported Tuesday."



All a bunny has to do is twitch its nose, and a child will want to take it home as a pet. A rabbit isn`t a stuffed animal, it`s a living creature that requires attention and love.

A rabbit test-drive is an excellent idea, it gives a child and his family a good idea of all the work that is required to properly take care of the adorable little animal.

I hope animal shelters will adopt this novel idea, not just for rabbits but fore cats and dogs as well. There are many families who`ve never had a pet, and they don`t realize how much work it entails.

By the third day of cleaning a rabbit`s cage, a child will know if he`s ready to take care of a rabbit every day.

There are many cats and dogs that need a loving home, if you are willing and able to properly take care of a pet please go to your local animal shelter and bring one home.

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