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Published:July 20th, 2011 14:34 EST

Miracle! Couple Spots Image Of Virgin Mary In Shower Tile! Praise God And eBay!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"An Oklahoma couple who recently put new tiles in their shower said they discovered an image of the V(i)rgin Mary on one of the tiles.

Carol Burrell of Moore said she was skeptical when her husband, Gary, told her about the tile, but she became a believer when she went into the bathroom and saw the image for herself in one of the 3-inch stone tiles, The Oklahoman reported Wednesday."



It looks like an image of a porn star to me, but I guess you will get a lot more money selling a tile with an image of the V(i)rgin Mary.

I bet it didn`t take long for Gary to convince his wife that the God had blessed them with a tile bearing the likeness of the Virgin Mary:

Gary: Look honey, that tile has an image of the Virgin Mary

Carol: It`s probably just grime, let me clean it! We aren`t Catholic anyway, so who cares!

Gary: No, don`t touch it! Look again, sweetheart, don`t you see an image of the Virgin Mary that we can sell on eBay for thousands of dollars?

Carol: Dear Mother of God! You are right, that`s the spitting image of the Virgin Mary. Let`s convert to Catholicism, and sell the tile on eBay!

Gary: Amen, honey, Amen!

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