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Published:July 20th, 2011 14:06 EST

New York Restaurant Sells Donuts Stuffed With Foie Gras! Where's PETA?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New York restaurant sparked controversy with a dish consisting of doughnuts stuffed with foie gras, which is made from duck liver.

An online petition calling for the Do or Dine restaurant in Brooklyn to do away with the foie gras, which is banned in several states because of the force-feeding the ducks are often subjected to in order to build up fat in the liver, has collected more than 600 signatures, WPIX-TV, New York, reported Wednesday."



A donut is a snack for the average dude -- to stuff a donut with foie gras, something consumed only by the hoity-toity, is an abomination.

If I saw a dude eating a donut stuffed with foie gras, my visceral reaction would be to punch him in the mouth.

No animal lover will eat foie and no real man will eat foie gras! Foie gras, especially a donut filled with foie gras, should be banned in a civilized country.

PETA should get on the ball, and demonstrate outside this restaurant.

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