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Published:July 20th, 2011 13:37 EST

Outrage! Man Gets Only 16 Years For Killing Wife And Microwaving His Dog

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Glendale man will serve 16 years to life in prison for killing his wife and microwaving his Pomeranian dog, a jury has decided.

John Levin, 47, was found guilty of second-degree murder in June for killing his 35-year-old wife, Michelle Levin, after he pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty for microwaving his dog, the Glendale News-Press reported."


When a murderer is sentenced his punishment should give the victims a sense that justice was served, and the community the confidence that they are protected from the criminal.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Janice Croft`s sentence makes a mockery of the law, and leaves citizens vulnerable to a vicious criminal who will be free after only a few years behind bars.

Do a Google image search of "Pomeranian dog", and you will agree with me that Levin deserves 16 years in jail just for killing his dog. This coward deserves nothing short of the death penalty, even a life sentence without the possibility of parole would be too lenient.

OJ, Casey Anthony, and now this idiotic sentence. Is is any wonder that very few people have any respect for our judicial system?

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