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Published:July 22nd, 2011 14:47 EST
What if God Treated Us the Way We Treat Him?

What if God Treated Us the Way We Treat Him?

By Ignatius Fernandez

 Shall the clay glory against Him who formed it?  Isaiah 29:16

Some of us choose to deny God`s existence; some others want proof of His existence; some don`t care if He existed or not; many acknowledge His existence, but pay Him no heed. There is an apathy in our relationship with God. No wonder Isaiah asks a pertinent question: Can the creature glory against the Creator?

 What if God treated us the way we treat Him? That would be a day of disaster. What if the earth opened up and swallowed millions of us? What if the oceans breached their limits and invaded land we thought was safe?

What if animals and insects turned hostile and made life miserable for us? What if the air we breathe became the breath of death? What if water was poisoned and we did not have a drop to drink? What if the war-lust in man led to massive death and destruction? What if? The possibilities are numerous, if only God turned His eyes away.

 Is there the danger that such dreadful happenings will overtake us? Not in the least. Why? Because God is God, not man. Man may lose his compassion, but God never will. He is Infinite Mercy and Love. Nothing but Love comes from Him. So, however evil we become, from God we can expect only mercy and love. He cannot be anything else.

The sun will continue to shine. The earth will not spin out of its orbit and cause pandemonium. Rain will fall on the worthy and unworthy. Night will follow day. And men and women of goodwill will heal the wounds caused by men and women of ill will. The world will go on and on, because God is God. He only asks for a chance to love us.

 So, if God is Love, why is man so full of hate for Him? Mistakenly he believes that evil is the handiwork of God. How can evil come from Infinite Goodness? Yet man blames God for all the ills he brings upon himself. He errs, blunders, sins and faces the consequences of his evil deeds, but will not accept responsibility for his actions. He passes the buck. He finds in God a convenient scapegoat, because God does not fight back. He does not even defend Himself, because He is Infinite Patience and Forgiveness. He does not make a case against those He loves.

 The unfairness of it all slams us in the face. We speak of fairness in conduct and good behavior. We pride in social graces and etiquette. Yet we will not extend these fine points beyond our circle; we will not show the same grace to God.

 Such equations stop short of Him. We will not even thank Him for the gifts we have received. Our behavior exposes our hypocrisy and double standards. Certainly our standards of fair play need to be reviewed.

 The balance in our relationship with God can be restored when we echo the words of Saint Augustine: Our hearts were made for you, O God, and they shall not rest until they rest in you. When we run to Him, rather than away from Him, peace that was robbed us by our sinful lives, will return. His wide open arms will take us in a warm embrace.

 The movie Repentance, appropriately titled, ends with a peasant woman asking directions to a church. She is told that she is on the wrong road, to which she asks: "What good is a street that does not lead to a church?" Adapting her words, we can ask: What good is a life that does not lead to God?