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Published:July 23rd, 2011 12:44 EST

Cops Warn: Improperly Installed A/C Window Units Invitation For Burglars

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Milwaukee police are warning residents about a string of burglaries involving improperly installed window-mounted air conditioners.

Police spokeswoman Anne Schwartz said 11 of the incidents involved the air conditioners being stolen as well. Police said stolen air conditioners can be sold for a little as $10 on the streets."



Most of the country is the the middle of a heat wave, and many people are so desperate for relief that they are buying and installing window unit air conditioners without properly bolting them in place.

If an air conditioner is not securely mounted in place you may come home to find your TV, computer, DVD player and air conditioner gone. An improperly mounted air conditioner allows a burglar easy access to your home.

I have two window unit air conditioners and they both face my fenced-in backyard. I`m fortunate, my units don`t have to be bolted, if any burglar is crazy enough to climb over my fence my Pit Bull and my Lab will rip him apart.

But if you don`t have any dogs to protect your property, make sure your window-mounted air conditioner is securely installed.

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