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Published:July 23rd, 2011 11:46 EST
It's Time for The 'Back to School Plan'

It's Time for The 'Back to School Plan'

By Will Roberts

Will Says... let the women run the country, Balance the budget, consumer protectors, and mothers!

Making the best of this situation:

Now that Mrs. Warren is out of a job, I have a plan that would help our country enormously and I call it, the back to school plan. "

I say we take all the dirty rotten credit scoundrels that got us in to this lending mess and make "um go back to school. Have Mrs. Warren hold classes (like an AA, 12 step program) and make these boys sit through the program and at the end they get a certificate of completion. We could even print the names of the ones that finished the whole thing on our credit card statements and if they don`t pass we can let them keep practicing, on Washington politicians.

Your friend,

Will Roberts

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