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Published:July 23rd, 2011 11:55 EST
Look For Weapons in Bulk Form

Look For Weapons in Bulk Form

By SOP newswire2

It is fine time to call and see what the prices of weapons are now that Libya has caused its first major orders to start arriving. It`s your time to rise up and become empowered, knowing that not even the U.N. wanted you to have any, and they are all nations who stand around so all can know where the massive amounts of terrorized refugees are, knowing they cannot shoot backend must observe.

Finally, look at the hostilities all over the Middle East, they have taken their power back, the people have seen America enter four nations to war, the world is allowing WWII style hostilities.  Do you really want to avoid buying bulk sums of weapons, a sweeping salute of an army that stands united in the desire to expand. It`s your time yes?

Look for weapons in bulk form Russia, France, Vietnam, Germany, Pakistan / India, Canada; find them used with ammo and tanks. Buy ammo that has to be shorted out, as for extras that are cracked, patch them up and get medical supplies in the form of cream that heal all wounds. Arm yourselves now, while you can.

Julien Coallier