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Published:July 24th, 2011 09:21 EST
Penny Auctions! A Revolutionary Shopping Concept

Penny Auctions! A Revolutionary Shopping Concept

By Tom Ski

Okay gang, two weeks ago I let you know that a site called was re-opening in a seriously grand way, and the letters have been coming and coming ever since wanting more information.  (I know, I`m as excited about this as the rest of you.)   

Pennies2Win is an organization created by an international team of experts who wanted nothing more than to provide us all with affordable, brand new, name-brand products for just pennies on the dollar!  So, this week we are going to discuss how penny auctions came to be, why they are SO needed in these economic times, and how extraordinary the savings is going to be as we have a good time by putting way less pressure on our wallets at    

What exactly ARE penny auctions?   

Let`s face it, no one believes that it is entirely possible to get items for a fraction of the retail cost.  All of the equipment and technology we want are out there, but when we go into a mall it`s as if we`re ALL standing in Beverly Hills wondering how exactly humble beings like the rest of us can get these items for our very own.  iPhones, laptops, iPods, jewelry to purchase most of these products 95% of the population has to save up for a long (and, I mean long) period of time.  And the online stores?  Come on, anything you can even save on the price after the ridiculous mark-up these online stores have already placed on them, is all used up anyway when the site charges shipping.  On an item that weighs less than a pound, the shipping/handling charges sometimes look as if we are shipping our package to the far side of the moon.   

There are some who were actually satisfied with the over-priced online purchases, especially when gas prices began soaring into the stratosphere and we couldn`t afford to get to the stores live and in-person.  But the high prices was another story altogether, AND there was hardly any chance of getting a good bargain in the so-called  `online sales` once everyone had added on the monumentally high mark-ups to the item.   

Then, as I told you last week, has arrived to make sure that the skyrocketing prices are a thing of the past.  Penny auctions are a revolutionary new shopping concept, and penny auctions sites like, allows users to purchase items with up to 99% off retail prices.  No, I`m not kidding, and your eyes have not gone out on you - I DID say 99%.  And, no, I am not about to tell you that Harry Potter`s wand is necessary to get these prices.  So what is this amazing new way of shopping and how is it possible?  Good question!   

The textbook answer is, that a penny auction is a type of  `all-pay auction` in which participants pay a non-refundable fee to place a small incremental bid on an item.  When time expires, the last participant to have placed a bid wins the item and also pays the final bid price, which is usually significantly lower than the retail price of the item.   

Shopping for less is the most important thing, and having fun while bidding for your favorite items is a nice addition to your day but, with penny auctions, winners are able to walk away with never before seen savings for an item that they`ve won.     

To place a winning bid all you need is skill, strategy, and, of course, a little bit of luck.  The only catch is that you have to pay to participate and the bids are not refundable.  However, penny auction sites such as, have come up with a fantastic new feature called "buy it now,` which enables users who lost an auction to actually use the bids that they`ve  lost` toward the  `buy it now` price!   Therefore, your bid isn`t actually gone, it becomes a win-win situation where you can get the item anyway, using your bids as part of the purchase price.  This is what has completely revolutionized the shopping experience!  Not only do people have the opportunity to have fun and excitement while trying to win an item that they want at amazing savings, but if the auction is lost, they can still buy the item they desire at a value price that is usually still lower then retail!     

This new trend in shopping, by the way, is becoming larger and larger every single day.  Every one of us out here WANT and NEED the amazing discounts and savings that provides, and this is not about to change anytime soon.   

There is also something I want to add, readers.  Seeing as that we speak all the time - I have to say that, yes, there are penny auctions sites across the web.  BUT, is truly the best there is.  It`s safe, the website is fantastically set up, and the people behind the scenes are hard-working, creative, and entertaining people who WANT to get you the items and discounts that you need in order to get the products you require. 

ALSO, members are 100% real  `live` people.  There are absolutely no shill bidders, or robots, or mechanical computer members of any kind.  Only humans are allowed on this site! J  Even employees can`t bid at any time!      

There is no fear with, which is definitely something we all think about when the internet is involved.  But this company has proven themselves!  This company has built itself a solid reputation, and you will NOT ever regret using as your one and only penny auction site! is also offering you ten FREE bids just to try them out!   

As a brief recap, is absolutely easy to work with:   

Simply Register on  If you and I want to bid in auctions to get tremendous savings we need to register first, and the registration is free.  There are no hidden costs to becoming a member of and, after we register, we receive a confirmation email to let us know we are now a part of this incredible shopping experience.  Simply click the link in the email to confirm the set-up of your account.   

Then, Buy Bids.  Each bid costs just $0.60 and are available in  `Bid Packs` of 25, 50, 75, 100, 250, 500 and 750 bids.  ( accepts multiple payment methods for the bids, including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Once you buy your bids, stores them in your own  `Bids Account.`  That way, you always know what you have to work with when you enter the auctions.   

Now, you simply Choose Products. will list a ton of auctions that you can be a part of - whether it be the auction for the latest iPhone; a brand new 50-inch LED-HDTV; or, the jewelry you`ve wanted for decades.  All you do is decide what you want and start bidding!   

If you`re not already typing extremely fast and getting savings galore, then you need to jump on board today so you can brag tomorrow about the fact that you just purchased the new laptop everyone wants for pennies on the dollar!   

Until Next Time, Everybody!   

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