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Published:July 24th, 2011 17:54 EST
Rupert Murdoch Scandal: Does This Mean the End the Murdoch Empire and Fox News?

Rupert Murdoch Scandal: Does This Mean the End the Murdoch Empire and Fox News?

By Ron G Anselm

The recent scandal involving another high-end Executive in the business world has taken front stage in the reporting of more negative news that we have heard so much of lately, it`s a wonder why more and more people are taking part in the nightly Happy Hour`s at most bars and restaurants to try to at least escape the influx of bad news. From the everyday bad job reports to the news about another executive in hot water, those dollar Bud Lights are sounding pretty good.   

Rupert Murdoch who was once a very respected business man and had been known in the past as a business genius has been accused by his reporters that work for the News Corporation located in the United Kingdom of hacking into the voicemails of some 9/11 victims and even has been accused of those same staff members bribing high-end government officials and even sinking low enough to hack into the voicemail of a murdered thirteen-year old girl.   

Murdoch doesn`t just own the News Corporation but also owns Fox News and other entities like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and other news reporting agencies. Most people are now wondering if anyone of Murdoch`s staff that works for Fox News in this country may have or could have been involved in the same accusations that the reporters from the News Corporation in the UK have been involved in and people want answers. They also want to open an investigation at Fox News to see if there was any shady activity on the part of Murdoch`s staff of reporters.   

Murdoch`s empire is now being compared to the same as the Mafia or Syndicate activity because of what his reporters did and how things were handled. The investigation into this is ongoing and is probably in a process of a step by step operation and has more and more dirt is uncovered on this the ongoing investigation will take more twists and turns into other avenues in Murdoch`s companies. It could even spread over to Fox News if the government and investigating officials believe that is what should take place. Right now, it is just confined to the New Corporation and that staff of reporters but give it more time.    

If the investigation does lead to Fox News in the future as-well then like what happened to Murdoch`s News Corporation which is in the process of going under and closing the same could happen for not just Fox News but other entities controlled and owned by Rupert Murdoch. If this ended up happening it would affect a lot of people including myself because Murdoch also owns and controls the NFL on Fox and I am a huge fan of watching that every Sunday during the NFL season.   

Just like in the UK, the scandal of accusations against Murdoch sparked a lot of outrage and anger and people demanded an investigation into this. If Murdoch also owns news entities in the United States shouldn`t we here also have the same chance to see an investigation happen to see if any criminal activity happened here as-well? Sure, but this will take enough people to lobby it and force pressure on our government to open an internal investigation. If you are interested in finding out more about this you can go to ( to find out more information.   

It is shameful that a high-end business man like Rupert Murdoch has been accused of wrong doings but like any other celebrity or high-end business Executive; they are not above the law and should be held accountable. And even if they are not directly involved themselves they are still accountable for their staff and employees actions because they are in charge and it happened on their watch.