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Published:July 25th, 2011 12:20 EST

Outrage: Microsoft Exploits The Death Of Amy Winehouse With Cynical Tweet

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A tweet from tweetbox360, the official PR account for the Xbox 360, encouraged Amy Winehouse fans to remember the singer by buying her album, Back to Black, from Microsoft`s Zune store.


However, the tweet immediately met with criticism from Twitter users who called it `cynical` and in `appalling taste`."

The Telegraph

Amy`s body hasn`t even been buried yet and already Microsoft is exploiting her untimely death. Vultures like Microsoft are compounding the sorrow of the pop diva`s family, friends and fans.

Microsoft has apologized, but irreparable damage has been done to the reputation of the giant corporation. Deeds speak louder than words, Microsoft should offer free downloads of Amy`s albums for a week.

I urge everyone to download Amy`s exquisite songs from the iTunes stores, who the hell ever heard of the Zune store anyway?

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