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Published:July 26th, 2011 16:41 EST
It is TIME for the Irish Invasion!  Bring on The Whatmans!

It is TIME for the Irish Invasion! Bring on The Whatmans!

By Krista Boyer
Kiss the Mind

I`m back, people!  And I want to discuss an incredible band that I introduced to all of you two weeks ago The Whatmans!   

I briefly mentioned the words Irish Invasion in my first article about The Whatmans, and that term has since stuck in my head.  As I am replaying their songs and videos over and over again (like you all are, I would assume), I become more and more mesmerized each and every time I sit down to listen.  And the one thing I keep coming back to is my own intense jealousy of the U.K. and Ireland.  What I am constantly reminded of as I watch these extraordinary videos and feel the intensity, entertainment, and power that The Whatmans deliver with every lyric, is the British Invasion    

Now, I admit, I wasn`t around during the tumultuous sixties when the world was simply begging for something new.  But I am well aware that at that time fans were salivating to get the rock-n`-roll performers to come to our shores from the United Kingdom.    

In fact, many remember that on December 10, 1963, the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, ran the first story about the Beatlemania phenomenon in the United Kingdom.  And after seeing the report, a fifteen year old girl wrote a letter the following day to disc jockey, Carroll James, at radio station WWDC asking the question:  Why can`t we have music like that here in America?    The next day the D.J. introduced I Want to Hold Your Hand live on the air - the first airing of a Beatles song in the United States.  Not only did WWDC`s phones light up like crazy, but Washington, D.C. area record stores were flooded with requests for a record they didn`t even have in stock.   

It didn`t take long for the song to reach #1 on Billboard, and on January 7th, Walter Cronkite ran a story about the Beatles United States arrival, and the British Invasion had come!   

After listening to The Whatmans songs, and watching their incredible videos, it does not take a genius to realize that the Irish Invasion could very well be easily led by this incredibly unique group.  In fact, many are wondering where our music industry has gone.  Why on EARTH do we have to put up with untalented musicians who get more press because they wear dresses of "meat,` than for their actual talent and skill at singing, performing, and writing?   

The Whatmans have a power that is undeniable, and it is very easy to see why Europe is holding them very close to their chests.  Canadians have even been the beneficiary of The Whatmans gifts, but the U.S. is in DIRE need of this band.  We are in DIRE need of being able to listen to the  `best of the best,` which is exactly the category that The Whatmans fall into.  A massive British and Irish tour is scheduled, as well as the start of The Whatmans invasion of the USA, which is posted on their website.  But you know us Americans, we have no patience when it comes to our entertainment choices.   

For a brief recap The Whatmans - if you remember correctly - crossed my path two weeks back when I was sent a song and video titled, Kiss the Mind, which had the look and feel that can only come from the illustrious time period of the Roaring 20`s.  Kiss The Mind spent four weeks at #1in the download charts, and could race up Billboard as quickly as the Beatles did, the second America gets the CD into their hot little hands.     

The first time around I introduced you to The Whatmans  `stellar narrator` by the name of John Brennan, who auditioned for The Whatmans in 2007 and landed the `gig` with the best group in the music industry today.  Then you met the  `master storyteller` by the name of Padar Mulvey, who is not only one of the finest lyricists I`ve ever heard, but his talent comes across in literally everything he does including vocals, guitar, and that incredible writing strength and power.   

The bassist - which is the backbone of the whole band - is helmed by Francis McGinn; and the rich, powerful, sometimes haunting melodies, of the Whatmans are done to perfection by Francis each and every time.  Elizabeth Oakes reigns supreme on the keyboards and also offers her incredible voice to the back-up vocals.  And rounding out the crew that are referred to by some as The Messiahs of Rock, is the incredible drummer, Aidan Carolan.     

I`ve given you the introductions.  I`ve shown you The Whatmans extremely long resume as to the venues and stages they have played upon.  And, as I said before, by now you have seen and heard that The Whatmans are the absolute  `best of the best,` and that I am nowhere near exaggerating that point.     

The Whatmans have an album titled, Fire Up The Masses, which is so good - with tracks that literally  knock your proverbial socks off - that this writer`s mind is still boggled as to why The Whatmans are not playing on every radio station available on my  `dial.`  The Whatmans vocals range from soothing to gritty to stellar.  The rhythm is perfect; the melodies intertwine to create such memorable tracks that no band has even come close to producing up until now.  The drums are beyond powerful and every song makes the listener want to get up and dance, and replay the tracks over and over and over again!   

The Whatmans very first single was titled, Devil Shoes, and I still have to play it at least twice a day!  It`s that good.  But  `good` simply doesn`t cut it for The Whatmans; the only adjective that can be used for this particular band is unique.  The Whatmans ripped into the charts becoming the highest new entry late last October, with that incredible single, Kiss The Mind.  And the extensive touring planned for The Whatmans, means it`s time for them to arrive in my zip code.   

The Whatmans list their influences as being:  The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Doors, and The Prodigy.  Yet even with shades of these particular bands buried in The Whatmans songs, they add their own clever style to each and every track they create, allowing a new era of rock-n`-roll to be born.    

In the end there is nothing more to say than - Bring on the Irish Invasion!  We are MORE than ready for it!!!   

Until Next Time, Everybody!   

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