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Published:July 26th, 2011 18:20 EST

LA Drivers Don't Have To Pay Tickets Generated By Red Light Cameras

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Los Angeles drivers outraged at getting tickets generated by red light cameras learned a secret this week -- they don`t have to pay the fines, officials say.

City officials told drivers that paying the fines was optional, and they had no legal power to force people to pay, the Los Angeles Times reported."



I`m not a scofflaw, I pay my taxes on time, and I obey the rules of the road. But I would never pay a ticket generated by a red light camera, I would fight it in court.

Running through a red light is a serious offense, but only when the crime was witnessed by a cop should a driver get a ticket.

Now it turns out that`s it`s optional for drivers to pay tickets generated by red light cameras, and of course fools who paid the tickets are bawling like schoolgirls.

I have zero sympathy for wimps, I`m glad they have no legal recourse.

Fight the power!

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