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Published:July 26th, 2011 11:22 EST
Mr. Make Moves  The Ultimate Music Dynamo

Mr. Make Moves The Ultimate Music Dynamo

By Krista Boyer
Make It Rain

Hello, readers.  Two weeks ago you and I spoke about a man by the name of Ryan Fleming, although you have all gotten to know him as the incredibly gifted (and supremely smart businessman), Mr. Make Moves!      

This is a performer and true artist who has done more in his short time on Earth than most of us do in a lifetime.  This is the man, if you recall, who was born with a wealth of self-determination and absolute motivation that would carry his name to the forefront of the music industry.     

The music industry, as we all know, is almost as impossible to break into as the Queen`s birthday dinner held at Buckingham Palace.  Many give up after a short time because - let`s face it - most of life is trying to simply survive and pay the bills, and many have to give up on their dreams to do just that.  It also comes as a severe disappointment that most, when they are finally settled - have hit retirement, and their dreams of the past have now become completely and utterly impossible to attain.     

Mr. Make Moves is an artist who did the impossible.  At only eighteen years of age, if you remember our last conversation, Ryan Fleming went on a journey and became Mr. Make Moves - a truly incredible hip-hop artist who is gathering fans left and right!  Mr. Make Moves made his own path - he cut down his own trees in the jungle - and headed toward a destination that would make him a household name.    

Mr. Make Moves performs all over the Greater Washington, D.C. area at clubs, special events, and venues.  His people, " Team Make Moves, has also gone down in history as the ONLY hip-hop act to perform at the Maryland Goddard Center Campus in twenty years!  Team Make Moves offers stellar performances to sold-out crowds, and Mr. Fleming`s vocal abilities do not end on stage.     

In fact, the open dialogue he has with his fans, magazines, and future "believers` is completely and utterly fun, entertaining, and educational.  Mr. Make Moves openness " and charm allows his fans a great deal of information, which makes that fan base grow larger and larger by the day!  This is not a man who hides behind a ridiculous wardrobe or diamond teeth - Mr. Make Moves has something to say, and he is beyond educated when it comes to the world of music and each and every facet of the music industry.   

Hard work is something that most in the music industry have no idea the definition of; while Mr. Make Moves not only understands the difficulties that present themselves for an artist who is trying to break into the industry, but he ALSO keeps one of the most positive outlooks that have ever graced the music world.     

Many interviews have been done with Mr. Make Moves - where he has spoken about his individual goals as well as the Team Make Moves shows.  Although this writer will offer you an interview very soon, the immense feedback from all you readers has been so intense that I will give you a few in-depth comments about what makes Mr. Make Moves tick.


The vocal ability that Mr. Make Moves possesses, oddly enough, is only a small part of the amazing mind that Ryan Fleming owns and has going at top-speed " 24/7.  So to find out exactly what he believes in and what keeps him going even on the worst days, is information that will not only open him up to readers, but will also help struggling artists who are trying desperately to put in the hard work and are simply waiting for that luck " to strike.   

Mr. Make Moves has said that his own list of dreams and goals are what keep him going.  His own ideas - no matter how "fantastical` - he has proven come true.  And his visions for the future are something he will never give up on no matter how many doubters there are in the world.  Not to mention, most artists will give a list of their icons - or the people who make up their list of influences when it comes to music.  However, with Mr. Make Moves, he is extremely honest about what motivates him, and that is the same thing that criticizes " him "himself.     

Mr. Make Moves has always prided himself on having the ability to remain far ahead of the so-called competition. "  Like a perfect chess player, Mr. Make Moves can see the future coming - he can see the next great "fad` or "wave` - and has the ability to evolve with the times without losing a step.   

Mr. Make Moves is also very honest when he tells the world that Make Moves Entertainment (his company) was built from the ground up by making errors.  He doesn`t shy away from the fact that he learns " every day; whether it be from his own mistakes or simply by watching mainstream artists` careers go flat because they had the inability to see the whole picture. "   

Also, Mr. Make Moves saw the fact that getting a college education was the right route.  Although music and his dreams were his life, and he owned the drive and determination to make them come true, Mr. Make Moves is only one half of the personality of this amazing performer.  The other half, Ryan Fleming, saw the fact that school and the gaining of knowledge in the business world - as well as working for a major record label for an entire summer - offered him the education he needed to make sure he could shine just as well in the business world as he did on stage.
  Mr. Make Moves also says and believes one thing that this writer agrees with wholeheartedly.  At the end of the day, when all is said and done, as long as you are true to yourself and what you believe than that day can be chalked up as a total success.  Executing your dream is difficult, but working hard, having patience, and following your own ethics is necessary to show the world what you can do, and not sell out to a plastic " industry that looks at gimmicks above actual talent.

For all you fans out there just begging to hear a true voice " with true talent, " and a heart and mind that promotes determination and strength - Mr. Make Moves is THE performer for you!   

Until Next Time Everybody   

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