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Published:July 27th, 2011 09:06 EST
Kacey Jones  The Artist Becomes the Subject!

Kacey Jones The Artist Becomes the Subject!

By Krista Boyer


Okay, fans!  Have I got some killer Kacey Jones news for you! 

Picture that painting was done from

This Saturday, July 30th at 10:00 p.m., Kacey Jones is performing at Belcourt Taps & Tapas in Nashville on the occasion of the venue`s one-year anniversary. The evening promises a truly fantastic show and, in addition to Kacey`s performance, she, along with friends and fans, will celebrate the official unveiling " of the Kacey Jones Celebrity Tabletop art, hand-painted by Nashville artist, Starr Messick.

Now, for those of us not blessed enough to live in the Nashville area, Belcourt Taps & Tapas is an unforgettable restaurant and music venue located in a restored bungalow decorated with the most stunning artwork imaginable.  The atmosphere is filled with an absolute abundance of charm.  Everything - and, I mean, everything - from walls, doors, tabletops, bar, fireplace, and columns has been hand-painted by the incredible, Starr Messick.  The colorful combination of faux finishes, stenciling, and brushwork add a "vibe` of energy and vitality to this incredible setting.  The ceiling is fitted with acoustic panels which make the sound level extremely comfortable for listening, and an extensive dining porch built off the front of the house offers ample "al fresco` seating to enjoy the "live` performances.  The brilliant ambience is a perfect "frame` for the musical artists and performers who offer audiences sheer and utter entertainment.

Considering Belcourt Taps & Tapas is all about great music, it`s no surprise that Kacey Jones is on their agenda.  In fact, the story behind her performance is not only a tale regarding Kacey`s creative and amazing talent, but also speaks of how the artist, herself, became a "subject` that will become a part of Belcourt Taps & Tapas` artistic history.  Kacey Jones is Belcourt Taps & Tapas` first female artist to be honored with a celebrity tabletop. Yes!  Let`s hear it for the girl!

Kacey Jones performed for the first time at Belcourt Taps & Tapas on May 14th.   Since it was her debut appearance there, she was unfamiliar with, as Kacey put it, who was in charge of the place or who the "boss` was "I had no idea "I was just up there singin` my heart out. "   

The crowd was wound up that night and all were having a super-fantastic time, and when someone sent a ten dollar bill up to the stage with a request written on it for Kacey Jones to sing Janis Joplin`s, Piece of My Heart, Kacey was happy to oblige.  Midway through an impassioned version of Piece of My Heart, a woman approached the stage and asked, rather loudly, if Kacey wanted a shot of Fireball? " It was such a distraction that Kacey literally had to stop playing the song and focus her attention on the interrupting, albeit, enthusiastic, woman.  

Kacey Jones asked the woman, as patiently as possible, Excuse me but, can`t you see I`m in the middle of a song, here? "  To which the woman replied, Oh! I`m so sorry! I was just so into it. You are SO awesome. I just thought you deserved a shot of Fireball. "

The Rest of The Story ".

As it turned out, the woman " was Rose Melillo, OWNER and proprietor of Belcourt Taps & Tapas.  As it also turned out, Kacey Jones, a self-proclaimed educated drinker " had never even heard of Fireball " which she now claims is her favorite cinnamon whisky (

Rose and Kacey enjoyed several shots of Fireball that night, joining the extremely blissful audience who loved every minute of Kacey`s performance.  After the show had come to a close, Rose and Kacey formed a fast friendship based not only on their mutual appreciation for Fireball, but also their mutual recognition of the opportunity that Belcourt Taps & Tapas provides to songwriters; allowing some truly magnificent talent a place where they can showcase their songs in front of a LIVE and enthusiastic audience.

As Kacey Jones was preparing to leave the club that night, Rose Melillo asked, Have you seen our hand-painted celebrity tabletops? " Kacey replied, What are you talking about? "  Rose took Kacey Jones on a guided tour, leading her around the pub and showing off the "celebrity tabletop art` that includes custom tabletop portraits hand-painted by that talented Nashville artist, Starr Messick.  Among the celebrities included in the "gallery` are:  Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard, Vince Gill, the esteemed Clothier to the Stars, " Manuel Cuevas, and several others.  Kacey was impressed with the artistry but noticed there were no female celebrity tabletops among the group. Well, Rose, " said Kacey (quite possibly emboldened by Fireball), this is all real nice, but where are the FEMALE celebrity tabletops? "  That stopped Rose in her tracks. Oh my God, you`re right! " she said, We have no female artists "how did THAT happen?.... Kacey Jones, you`re going to be our first! "

The following Monday, Rose Melillo commissioned Starr Messick to paint the Kacey Jones celebrity tabletop art.  The official unveiling will be celebrated on Saturday, July 30th from 10:00 p.m. till midnight at Belcourt Taps & Tapas. Everyone is invited to attend and enjoy the unique art, the fabulous music and, of course, a shot of Fireball.

About the artist, Starr Messick:

Starr Messick moved to New York City in 1997 to work as a freelance artist. During her nine years there, she worked on the fanciful Christmas windows that Macy`s, Lord & Taylor, and Saks Fifth Avenue produce every year. She also designed the artwork and painted the Manhattan bars, Snafu, Whiskey Trader, and Whiskey Rebel.  After returning to Nashville in 2006, Starr`s artwork took her into homes both palatial and classic. Faux finishes were a specialty, along with murals. In 2010 Starr painted nearly every surface of Belcourt Taps & Tapas in Nashville. The restaurant is a showcase for the artist`s creativity and style; portraits of Nashville`s well-known crooners cover the tabletops, the walls are enlivened by faux finishes and murals, with inspired stenciling in the most unexpected places. There are also some witty surprises for bathroom visitors.

Kacey Jones - as all of you readers know by now - is that unforgettable, hugely popular, zany, brilliant, compelling, unique, drop-dead hilarious redhead, who is one of the most fantastic performers in the music industry today. 

Kacey Jones` credentials " includes everything from singer, songwriter, producer, publisher, comedian - you name it, Kacey Jones has done it!  Accolades,  rave reviews "this woman has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is the "best of the best.`  The list of brilliant performances that Kacey Jones has provided have garnered praise and support from People Magazine, USA Today, CMT - and more!

Kacey Jones` current single, Apples Dipped in Candy " is from the critically acclaimed tribute album, Kacey Jones Sings Mickey Newbury. "  The single is currently airing on over 600 stations worldwide.  She is a hit everywhere, and that`s no exaggeration!  Just keep on reading!

The San Francisco Chronicle:

Maybe it`s a good thing Kacey Jones waited 26 years after meeting songwriter Mickey Newbury to record an album of his songs: Four years after his death, Jones, known for her comedy albums and hanging out with Garrison Keillor at Lake Wobegon, breaks your heart so many times on this exquisite disc, you have to think just a bit of her life experience adds to the genius. Country blues have never been bluer, or more eloquent, and Jones` seen-it-all voice is the perfect match for Newbury`s poignant worldview. From the ache of "Ramblin` Blues" to the infectious bounce of "San Francisco Mabel Joy," Jones honors a singular talent as only another singular talent could. - ------Dave Wiegand

The fans have not spoken - they have screamed for Kacey Jones!  Her entertaining performances are #1 with audiences across the country.  A highly skilled acoustic guitar player, a classically trained pianist who played string bass for ten years - Kacey Jones also arranged and produced the #1 hit album, Pearls in the Snow, The Songs of Kinky Friedman. "  This seventeen-track masterpiece features Willie Nelson, Tom Waits, Dwight Yoakam, Lyle Lovett, and a plethora of other legendary stars.  

Kacey Jones has proven throughout her illustrious career that with nerve, gumption and - the most important thing - sheer and utter talent, an artist can be born!  And Belcourt Taps & Tapas has jumped on that Kacey Jones bandwagon by adding her face to their gallery of legends and honoring Kacey as the first female celebrity tabletop to grace Belcourt Taps & Tapas.

This is a true "event!`  The audience will be offered an evening of superior music, as well as a piece of Celebration Cake " to wash down with a shot of Fireball.  All this writer can is that I wish I was part of the "Fireball crowd,` because that audience is about to have the best night of their lives!

Until Next Time, Everybody

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