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Published:July 27th, 2011 16:08 EST

Miracle: Goldfish Survive New Zealand Earthquake And 134 Days Without Food

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Here`s an incredible story of survival from New Zealand: Two goldfish, named Shaggy and Daphne after characters from Scooby Doo, survived the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand in February and then after authorities declared the area off limits, they were trapped in their office tank for 134 days without food or a working tank filter."



In the aftermath of disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis pets are often separated from their owners. I`ve read many heartwarming stories of cats and dogs who were reunited with their owners days, weeks and even months after a natural disaster.

But it`s not often that you hear about goldfish surviving for months without someone to clean their water tanks and feed them. Goldfish may not be sentient creatures, but they are hardy creatures with a strong will to survive.

It`s good therapy to simply watch goldfish as they swim around a tank. I`m sure that the employees who worked in the office where Shaggy and Daphne lived will be delighted to hear that they survived the big earthquake.

Six fish were originally in the tank, Shaggy and Daphne were found alive, one fish was found dead, and the other three disappeared. Are Shaggy and Daphne cannibals? Did a cat eat the other three? Did the three missing fish jump out of the polluted tank out of desperation? Some mysteries will never be solved, but thank goodness that Shaggy and Daphne are still in the land of the living.

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