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Published:July 27th, 2011 11:50 EST
Mistresses of the Diamond!

Mistresses of the Diamond!

By Tom Ski

Women`s softball has come quite a long way over the years, and in the 1940s fast-pitching began to dominate the game.  More recently, in 1991, women`s fast-pitch softball was selected to debut at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games which also marked a key era in the introduction of technology in softball.     

Shop4Teams  remembers this amazing time, and looks back over the years at some of the women who, quite literally, became fast-pitch phenomena - with their incredible skill and wealth of talent.  You see, Shop4Teams celebrates the athlete because they pride themselves on offering YOU, YOUR perfect softball uniform - YOUR softball jersey - and the sports equipment and accessories for YOUR team to join the greats in softball history!     

Each softball team wear very distinctive uniforms.  The softball uniform includes a cap, visor, a shirt (usually with no sleeves), an undershirt, tight sliding undershorts, socks, and shorts or pants.  And every single piece of this uniform is something that Shop4Teams provides to one and all, in the best fabrics and colors possible.   

Whether youth sports, high school teams, or college, Shop4Teams wants all players to wear the absolute best softball uniforms available on the market.  Make no mistake, THIS is the site that`s made for YOU and YOUR softball team!!   

One truly amazing Mistress of the Diamond is Catherine Leigh Osterman, known as Cat. One day, Cat filled in for her Little League softball team as a back-up pitcher, and immediately fell in love with the sport.  As Cat grew, her passion for softball grew as well, and she soon became a high school and club softball legend.   

Cat is a left-hander, and can grab a softball entirely with her fingers rather than have to cradle it in her palm.  As a result, Cat has gone down in the history books already as being able to put above-average spin on the ball and surprise batters!  She did so well in her youth that she was invited to join USA Softball`s national team.  The list of impressive stats and awards that Cat has racked up over the years is phenomenal.  She`s first in the nation in strikeouts per seven innings, and is the first softball player to twice appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  She has four of the five best seasons for the NCAA`s best strikeout ratio, and was the first of only two NCAA pitchers to register 2,000 plus strikeouts.  She also won a gold medal in the 2004 Summer Olympics.   

Cat can GUARANTEE a win for her team, just as Shop4Teams GUARANTEE the lowest prices on warm-ups, mascot costumes, softball uniforms, softball jerseys, softball equipment and softball accessories.  From home plate to the pitcher`s mound, covers every facet of that incredible diamond.    

With  25%, 35%, and even 50% discounts available, the world of sports uniforms and sports equipment has never looked better!  YOU, YOUR team, YOUR school - everyone - can choose from the best colors, best fabrics, the quickest delivery, and most amazing prices anywhere!   

Another amazing Mistress of the Diamond is Dr. Dot Richardson, who played in her first ASA Women`s Major Fast Pitch National Championship as the youngest player in ASA history.  Beginning her long career in 1972 playing for the Union Pack Jets in Orlando, Dot retired after the 2000 Summer Olympics, and set a legacy for herself that will be hard for anyone else just to equal.     

Between 1972-2000, Dot won All-America honors 15 times, played on 10 championship teams, won the Erv Lind Award (top defensive player in Women`s Major Fast Pitch National Championship) seven times, won two Olympic Gold medals, was a member of five Pan American teams, and four ISF World Championship teams.  And, most impressive?  Dot hit the game winning home run that won the U.S. team the Olympic Gold Medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics. That was also the first home run in Olympic Softball history!   

Shop4Teams is so proud of these  `Mistresses of the Diamond,` simply because they set a precedent that all other female softball players out there should strive to beat or equal.  And Shop4Teams wants the next incredible generation of softball players to have their dreams come true in the most fantastic softball uniform available on the market today.  Which are ONLY sold at   

Jennie Finch is the most famous softball player of all time.  She won a gold medal as a pitcher for Team USA at the 2004 Summer Olympics.  Jennie Finch attended La Mirada High School, where she lettered four times in softball.  She was an All-CIF Div. 11 choice in softball and an All-Suburban League selection in just her sophomore year.     

While playing for the University of Arizona, Finch was a three-time All-American pitcher and first-baseman, and Honda Award winner for the Player of the Year as a member of the Wildcat softball team.  The University of Arizona retired her number " 27 " on May 9, 2003 at Hillenbrand Stadium.  This is a  `Mistress of the Diamond` who recorded 24 wins in her freshman season; 29 wins in her sophomore season; 32 wins (and no losses) in her junior season to set an NCAA record; and 24 wins in her senior season - to amass a career total of 109 victories.    

Fast-pitch softball, readers, is a form of softball that has become almost like an art form, and is considered the most competitive form of softball ever.  Fast-pitch was the only type of softball played at the Olympic Games in 1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008, and the fast-pitch style is also used in college softball and international competition.   

Pitchers throw the ball with an underhand motion at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour, by using a windmill type of pitch.  This is where the pitcher begins with her arm at the hip, brings the ball in a circular motion over the head, completes the circle back down at the hip, and snaps the hand.  There are many different pitches, which can be thrown, but when they`re thrown by the  `Mistresses of the Diamond,` hardly any of them can be hit!   

Shop4Teams celebrates the hard work and dedication that these softball dynamos have shown to the world, and Shop4Teams is right here waiting to clothe YOU and YOUR softball team in the best uniforms available!


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