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Published:August 2nd, 2011 09:59 EST
AHCF - Actively Helping Children and Families Affected by AHC New Logo and Website

AHCF - Actively Helping Children and Families Affected by AHC New Logo and Website

By Tom Ski

Readers, you have heard about this incredible organization.  You have heard about their amazing work and have explored the astounding site,  Each and every one of us over the past month have come to know this huge team of individuals who have dedicated themselves to helping children with AHC, and their families.  This team spans the world, and work with all their hearts and souls to discover a cure!   

Because of the amazing press and constant innovations and efforts of the AHCF - Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood, which is a rare neurological disorder in which children experience bouts of temporary paralysis affecting one or more parts of their body, will hopefully - one day soon - be cured completely.  AHC causes episodes " that can last for minutes, hours "even days, and are sometimes very painful; and AHC also severely affects a child`s ability to learn.  Many AHC sufferers also have epilepsy, and the AHCF - with OUR help and promotion to get people on board " to help these children and their families - are making giant strides toward in finding that elusive cure!   

The AHCF is the "voice` for these incredible children and their families.  President Jeff Wuchich, with a truly dedicated Board and network of volunteers through, helps to keep everyone informed about the great things that have been happening through the AHCF newsletter.  And, as this writer has mentioned before, there ARE huge opportunities for funding out there right now that would help the AHCF make even bigger strides - funds that will create even more research and give the AHCF the ability to get farther, faster!   

There is a blog titled, 365give, whose mission is extremely simple: they give YOU an opportunity to make a difference each day for the entire year.  Recently, the AHCF (#253 in the series) was highlighted, and the appeal and response was absolutely immense.  The AHCF is in the middle of their quest to win a $250,000 grant from Vivint, in the Vivint Gives Back " campaign!   

Now, this has been mentioned before - and it will CONTINUE to be mentioned - because this is THE most important thing YOU will do on a daily basis!  Right NOW!  The Vivint Gives Back Contest " is in the forefront of AHCF minds across the nation.  Beginning on June 14th, 2011, this is a contest that is STILL going strong!   Millions have come out to vote, but MORE people are needed!  Every single day YOU can vote in the Vivint Gives Back Contest " to enable the AHCF to win $250,000.00 to further research into AHC, develop treatments and trial medications, teach the public and professionals about AHC, and ultimately find that cure!   

All you need to do to give yourself peace of mind, and an absolute thrill every single day knowing that YOU did something to help some truly amazing children, is to simply go to and vote for the AHCF to win that $250,000.00 grant to continue their work!  Once a day, YOU can visit this site and vote to help the Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood Foundation receive a part of $1.25 million dollars that Vivint is awarding to local charities.  The Vivint Gives Back Project " is a program run by Vivint, Inc, which allows Facebook users to help Vivint support charities that are doing outstanding work in neighborhoods and communities across the United States.  And, trust me, there is no harder working group of people, or more important mission, than that of the AHCF.     

And the list goes on for the AHCF to be heard, seen, and have the opportunity for devoted followers and people who simply want to do something for these children, to help!!   

I always speak about upcoming events.  This week, I want YOU to SEE what communities have gotten together to do in order to raise money for children with AHC.  President Jeff Wuchich said that 2011 was going to be the year, we put AHC on the map! "   And he could not have been more correct.  In fact, I want to turn your focus to some events and fundraisers that were held to support the AHCF, and the amazing turnout and "power of the people` who made these into fantastic successes.  These were wonderful fundraisers, and if you head to the site, you can take a peek at some wonderful photos that were sent in as well.   

Rickshaw Run in India   

Brendan O`Brien, Uncle to Katelyn, in Ireland, created the Rickshaw Run across India in January.  $22,000 was raised to help find a cure for AHC!    

Crazy for a Cure   

Dave and Cindy Ryan - the parents of fifteen-year-old Michael, organized a wonderful variety show called, Crazy for a Cure; " and, on February 5th, 2011, they raised $11,000.00!     

Brian Weiler Poker Tourney   

Brian Weiler, Uncle to Austin Erpenbeck, hosted a "Poker Tourney` on February 26th.  The entry fee was one hundred dollars, with half of every entry going to AHCF.  Brian`s efforts made $1,586 for the AHC Foundation!  And, with the money going to help these incredible children, everybody came away from those game tables a winner!   

Social Awareness Fair and Auction   

To honor Carter Wagner and the AHCF, on April 14th, at Lake Travis Middle School in Austin, TX, the Social Awareness Fair & Auction of artistic pieces created by the amazing students. raised $3,000!   

Silent Auction    

Mollie Weiler Erpenbeck, on May 14th, held a silent auction and party at the Drawbridge Inn " in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, and made over $45,000!   

1st Annual Spring Garage Sale  

And, on May 18th through the 20th, $1000 was raised at this Spring Garage Sale spectacular for the benefit of AHCF!   

This is what I mean, readers.  THIS is community!  These events are "labors of love` that helped this wonderful organization further their efforts to find a cure for AHC.     

In the world that we live in today, there are few opportunities to see on the news, or read in the paper, about people coming together for the improvement and betterment of life!  But the AHCF has that power.  They have that incredible "voice` that speaks to people and creates an atmosphere of love, faith, and community!    

There are even more fundraisers on the horizon!  One of the biggest being:   

Walk With Us   

This is the 6th Annual AHCF Chicago Walk

On Sunday, September 18th, people will come together to raise money for children with AHC.  Registration begins at 9:30 with the kick off at 10:00 a.m.

Walkers can join the walk with flexible start times up to 12:30 p.m.

Location is Paulus Park, 200 S. Rand Road, Lake Zurich, IL    

Add all of these incredible events together and you come up with a list of heartfelt donations that help AHCF:   

Fund Clinical Trials:  These clinical trials test drug efficacy to help elevate and remedy some of the symptoms of AHC;   

Support the Annual Family Gathering:  These are put together to speak on a "one-to-one basis` with researchers in the fields of genetics, psychology, and cognitive development to assist the parents and patients of AHC. It is also a time for parents and patients to exchange ideas with each other.   

And Creating an International Database of AHC Patients:  A longer range goal involving as many participants as possible to help increase chances of finding a cure.   

There are also some incredible stories on the AHCF website that offer information on research progress, charities, and heartbreaking, as well as uplifting, articles from real parents and children involved in the fight to find a cure for AHC.  Each and every one of you need to go to and learn about these children who are living with this disease, and who are struggling every single day, yet STILL maintaining their humor, love of life, and dreams.  These children are looking at the future, and seeing a wonderful path that they can walk where the fulfillment of their goals is not only possible - it`s absolutely probable!  And with YOUR help that future can go from probable to absolute!   

I want to offer you just a piece " of information so that you will truly see what I mean!  A recent news article:   

Grant Allows Rolesville Charity to Grow, Lets Research Progress   

Paralysis can strike Rolesville preschooler, Matthew Wuchich, at any time.  There is no visible warning, but the four-year-old can sense when it`s coming.  Just before the seizure shuts down one side of his body, Matthew looks down.   

Bye-bye, arm, " he says.   

Matthew was born with alternating hemiplegia of childhood, a permanent disorder that causes temporary paralysis of one or more limbs that can last minutes or days.  His big brown eyes helped win the nonprofit AHC Foundation $250,000 in the online Pepsi Refresh grant competition last year.  


YOU can read more about Matthew.  You SHOULD read about Matthew, and others, who have more strength, courage, and positivity in their little fingers than most of us have in our entire bodies.  Matthew and others will help YOU.  In essence, by listening to their stories and giving to this organization to help these children, the benefit is all YOURS.  The realization that you have done something to help is a hugely remarkable feeling!   

There are sister associations across the globe that are dedicated to finding a cure for AHC.  From the European Network for Research on Alternating Hemiplegia, " to AHC associations based in the UK, France, Germany, Italy - absolutely everywhere - there are teams of people who are working tirelessly to make AHC a disease of the past!   

Get involved!  Read about these children!  Go to the brand new and check out their amazing work, future fundraisers, newsletter, and more!   

This is an organization that needs your help!     

Until Next Time, Everybody!   


For the Vivint Gives Back Program, " go to YouTube and learn about AHCF in action:   


And Vote here at   

You can also VOTE TODAY and EVERY DAY for the AHCF to receive that all-important funding here:   

Become a follower of AHCF`s President - Jeff Wuchich at:   

Go to Twitter daily and see how YOU can help!   


And for additional information or questions about the AHCF go to


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