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Published:July 29th, 2011 11:51 EST
An Ode To Speak Swahili, Dammit!

An Ode To Speak Swahili, Dammit!

By Juliet Maruru

With a story to tell full of wit,

of a childhood with humour and grit,

in a land in the sun,

where living was fun,

he wrote "Speak Swahili, Dammit!`


Though tragedy walks through his tale,

and "Death` was the name of that vale,

he met with such goodness,

warmth, comfort and kindness,

from watu whose humour can`t fail.


Recalled of those days now long past,

with chaos the master of cast,

on a stage wild and fraught,

he never gave aught

for  power no matter how vast.


Life often just isn`t fair,

to give to the poor not a share,

let them languish in pain,

while observing the vain

flourish riches with never a care. 


Long gone from that place of his soul,

he harboured a long time a goal,

to return to his roots,

to nourish the shoots

of that spirit of sharing a bowl.


"Speak Swahili, Dammit!` is out,

indeed it is a redoubt:

"In the midst of your cares,

your worst of nightmares,

life`s still blessed there isn`t a doubt.



So cry when the going is sad,

rejoice when it isn`t all bad,

laugh till you are in pain,

at strange antics arcane,

and tell of this new-found fad.

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