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Published:July 30th, 2011 11:35 EST

Outrage: Kangaroo Killed After Attacking 94-Year-Old Lady

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Australian officials said they euthanized a kangaroo that knocked a 94-year-old woman to the ground and kicked her repeatedly.

Veterinarians said they decided to euthanize the animal, which was pepper sprayed by responding police Sunday, after determining it was suffering and under stress."



The elderly woman was attacked in her backyard, but we need to remember that it`s also the kangaroo`s backyard. If we build subdivisions in the habitat of wild animals, we need to coexist with them. I wouldn`t call killing the kangaroo coexisting with it.

The old lady is going to require surgery for her injuries, but it`s a miracle she wasn`t killed. The old biddy would be well-advised not to venture out to her backyard.

Duh! Of course the kangaroo was under stress, if I pepper sprayed the vets they would be under stress also. I hope there`s a chapter of PETA in Australia, animal lovers need to protest the killing of this innocent animal.

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