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Published:July 31st, 2011 13:56 EST

Amy Winehouse Was In The Process Of Adopting A Girl

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Amy Winehouse was in the middle of adopting a poor St Lucian girl before she died.

The troubled singer had started the process of becoming a mum to 10-year-old Dannika Augustine, who she met on the idyllic Caribbean island.


Amy had booked her ticket to visit the schoolgirl next week. The child`s grandmother revealed the singer had already hired lawyers for the adoption, but her plans were cut short by her sudden death last week aged just 27."

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Amy Winehouse`s death at age 27 was tragic, her family was devastated and her fans were crushed by the loss of the musical genius. We can`t even imagine what masterpieces Amy would have created in her 30`s, 40`s and beyond.

It`s hard to find a silver lining in this cloud, but maybe Amy`s death will serve as a cautionary tale to Lindsay Lohan and her ilk.

I am devastated at the death of the troubled singer, but I am breathing a sigh of relief that Amy didn`t have an opportunity to adopt a child. If Amy had survived, it would have taken months, if not years, of therapy before she would have been psychologically ready to properly take care of a child.

Maybe some of Amy`s fortune can go towards the education of Dannika, it would be a fitting tribute to her generous and loving heart.

Thank goodness all of us, including Dannika, have Amy`s music to help us through the rough patches.

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