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Published:July 31st, 2011 09:27 EST
Turkish Military Command Resigns: No Clear Reason Why

Turkish Military Command Resigns: No Clear Reason Why

By Ernest Dempsey

Before stepping down Friday, 29 July,  the Turkish military chief, General Isik Kosaner, recently held a number of meetings with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, just days ahead of a meeting of the military high command, scheduled for August, which will discuss promotions of the senior military officers, reports ABC News. Also quitting with Kosaner were chiefs of Turkish navy, air force, and army.

No clear reason was given for the command`s resignations, but media in the country is pointing to the ongoing tensions between the government and the military over the imprisonment of more than 40 generals and dozens of other military officers over charges of plotting to take over the government by a coup.   

The Telegraph informs that senior military officers wanted the imprisoned officers to be promoted to higher ranks while the government wanted their forced retirement. Currently, two ex army chiefs are on the government`s list of suspects, one for having been involved in a bombing that took place in 2005, and the other for ordering his subordinates to run anti-state websites. The government holds that if the civilian government doesn`t prosecute the conspiring military officers, the democracy in the country will lose credibility and become vulnerable to subversion.

The US government has declined to offer any comment on the resignation of the military command in Turkey. AFP quoted State Department spokesman Mark Toner saying that the US has confidence in both the military and democratic institutions of Turkey and it is the country`s internal affair.