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Published:August 2nd, 2011 14:53 EST

Gabrielle Giffords: Profile In Courage! Congress And Obama Shame America

By Robert Paul Reyes

This has been one of the most contentious weeks in American political history. We have witnessed Tea Party Republicans take this nation to the brink of financial chaos; President Obama abdicate his leadership role and beg the electorate to petition Congress, and Standards and Poor`s and Moody`s treat Congress and the President as unworthy supplicants.


Gabrielle Giffords returned to the floor of the House yesterday amidst this bi-partisan turmoil and foolishenss. Giffords said in a press release that she was "deeply disappointed" by the disagreements along party lines that had brought our great nation to the brink of an unprecedented default.

I share Giffords` disgust at the Theatre of the Absurd that has prevailed in Washington the last few weeks. I`m a political junkie, but the last couple of weeks I`ve eschewed the cable news networks in favor of escapist entertainment.

Giffords` courage in returning to the House just 7 months after she was shot demonstrated amazing courage, which was in sharp contrast to the childish and cowardly behavior of Congress and President Obama.

Giffords received a sustained standing ovation, tears flowed from Republicans and Democrats alike. For a few minutes everyone on the floor of the House, and everyone watching on TV was a proud American first, and a Republican, Democrat or Independent second.

I"d just about given up hope in the American political system, but Giffords` return to the floor of the House to cast her vote on the debt ceiling bill gives me hope that perhaps we can revive our political process.

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