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Published:August 2nd, 2011 12:25 EST
iMomentous: For Every Business Challenge There IS an iMomentous Solution

iMomentous: For Every Business Challenge There IS an iMomentous Solution

By Tom Ski

Readers, I have some news that is very new and very fantastic to tell you all!  I am about to introduce a brand new word into your vocabulary; a word that you will come to know very, very well.  That word is iMomentous [i-moh-men-tuhs].     

This noun directly refers to an organization that is committed to delivering your  `Return on Investment` (ROI) by helping businesses adapt to evolving technologies.  And, let`s be honest, the technological world evolves extremely fast.  iMomentous is a company that offers dynamic mobile applications, and the newest products and services for the corporate world to come along in decades.   

Let`s be honest, our cell phones have become our lifelines.  Whereas written correspondence - even emails - would work once upon a time, nowadays we are all in an active, busy, must-go/must-do world.  And we need the absolute quickest, savviest way to get in touch with others on a dime, and be able to increase our marketing and advertising in seconds in order to keep our businesses afloat.  It can be very confusing out there for consumers and companies who are bombarded with complex applications and websites that supposedly offer the  `next new thing.`  There are internet sites galore, commercials, ads, presentations - all over the place - that make a Ph.D. confused.  The biggest key to a smart business is that without understanding there is no change.   

iMomentous has come along to provide that much-needed understanding.  With iMomentous joining your team,  you can incorporate secure, easy-to-use, and personalized mobile applications to increase your  business ten-fold.  Mobile - everything relates to that one word.  Without the mobile world there is no advertising, marketing, social networking - your business simply can not survive.  Mobile is the best and only media to reach the largest audience in every business sector.  Mobile devices ARE today`s newspapers, banks, and personal assistants.  In fact, the communication device of choice for over three billion people worldwide is mobile.     

iMomentous develops mobile applications used by all-sized businesses, and iMomentous provides organizations with consumer insight from the collection and understanding of mobile data.  iMomentous specializes in mobile products for all different corporate sectors - from food services to recruitment to all retail industries.  They are the clear leader in creating and providing technological innovation that businesses simply can`t live without.  

These are horrific economic times, and businesses - solid businesses with fantastic products and ideas - are going under.  Simply because they can`t grow their businesses or market their businesses without delving into the mobile world.  Without YOUR business being a part of the virtual social networking universe there is no business, period.   

But the jungles of products and services out there are mystifying, and security is a huge factor that must be considered when going forward into the mobile world.  As with reality, there are people out there determined to bring you and your company down.  That`s why the noun - imomentous - is going to become the ONLY word in your vocabulary.     

The iMomentous mission is to provide premier and innovative mobile solutions to businesses, and provide consumer insight from mobile data.  iMomentous is focused on developing products and services that empower businesses with mobile systems that are critical to growing your business and solving your customer`s needs - easily, reliably, and securely!   

#1 - Mobile Development   

iMomentous offers a team of mobile architects and developers who collaborate with YOU, in order to deliver innovative mobile applications which give YOUR business the solutions you need in order to grow bigger in the marketplace.  Simple, efficient, and high performance mobile solutions for individualized needs.  Remember that!  Individualized needs.  iMomentous is there for YOUR company - not just general products for all -but products and services that are directly tailored to YOUR company`s needs.  The iMomentous delivery model sets THE standard in a rapidly changing industry and, as a result, the iMomentous developers are always at the forefront of creating and implementing breaking mobile technologies.

The Challenges

  • Mobile devices have limitations relating to size, power, and performance, yet consumers need a better user experience, quality, and privacy.  
  • There are too many devices, platforms, languages, and operating systems to support.
  • Maintaining the security of mobile applications and network are impossible!


The iMomentous Solution

iMomentous takes care of all of the above with everything for the mobile world including:


·          iPhone/iPad Development

·          Android mobile/tablet Development

·          BlackBerry Mobile/Tablet Development

·          Mobile Web Application Development

·          Mobile Integration

·          Mobile Data Capture

·        Local, Social - Mobile

·          Location based marketing - Mobile

·          Mobile Social Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp, Gowalla)


#2 - Business Analytics

You need to know your customer!  That`s a given, readers.  And the key to knowing them is data!  Legacy systems, data warehouses, ERP`s, social media sites, video, web, and mobile applications - the challenge is to understand how to effectively gather and use this critical data to increase you customer base.  Businesses in today`s world depend on data as the engine to drive their business decisions. There is no way to increase business without completely knowing and understanding your clients. There are complications nowadays with the vast array of blogs, sites - unverifiable information.  The need for real data is now more important than ever!

iMomentous, yet again, knows this!  They deliver result-oriented business analytics that enable companies to make informed and profitable decisions.  The iMomentous insights have helped clients improve performance in all key areas including: finance, sales, marketing, and operations. iMomentous business analytics enable clients to interpret market needs, gaps, segments, and scope by offering tools that allow YOU to select, capture, and analyze data so YOUR business succeeds.


The Challenges


·          Gathering sufficient volumes of quality data.

·        Too much data, sitting on multiple systems complicating the process.

·          Building the right analytics with available data.

·          Generating valid projections.


The iMomentous Solution


iMomentous will help you get to know your customer so that you can be confident!  They develop analytical solutions designed to interpret even the most complex data.  A team of technologists and statisticians build business intelligence and create projections that enable enterprises to act decisively by providing:    

·          Social Media Analytics

·          Mobile Analytics

·          Web Analytics

·          Business Intelligence

·          Application and process streamlining

To remain competitive your business must build new processes and capabilities to allow exceptional system performance.  Every business unit must achieve better ROI and implement cost-effective solutions.  

#3 - Mobile Outsourcing   

Can you imagine having a  `Mobile Outsourcing Department` in your company?  iMomentous offers a wide range of mobile and application development outsourcing solutions.  iMomentous helps companies focus on their core competencies, free up bandwidth, enhance productivity, lower development costs, and reduce the time  `to market.`     

With so many organizations now outsourcing, the iMomentous delivery model is customized to the specific requirements of each and every project.  That way, industry specific solutions are created!  In addition to the United States, iMomentous can also utilize IT development resources across the globe, giving customers even more room to grow!   

Okay, readers, you now know the basics when it comes to the monumental offerings that iMomentous has for businesses and organizations.  What you haven`t heard of yet are the amazing products!  Over the next few months, you and I are going to be introduced to the "best of the best` when it comes to mobile applications, business development, and the newest virtual technologies to increase your business.  iMomentous will teach you that the only thing that`s missing in your company is them!   

In the upcoming articles I am going to tell you all about these revolutionary products.  For a very "sneak-peek,` iMomentous has a SellMeApp for your sales and marketing team.  With this state-of-the-art product, sales will never be an issue again.  In the palm of your hand you will be able to have a sales force that delivers so well that your company`s growth skyrockets.   

iMomentous has created, HandyEats.  This untapped opportunity will fill your restaurant`s seats - every night - with paying customers.  Menus, promotions, reservation systems, social marketing tools, everything is offered to turn your  `not-yet-heard-of-restaurant` into a 5-star with a three-month waiting list.   

CareerConnection, is a mobile recruitment tool.  Jobs, jobs, and more jobs!  As a businessperson, YOU will finally get the team YOU need in days instead of years.  The success of a business is directly proportionate to the team behind the product!   

TrialMobility will become one of the most-used apps in the world.  Clinical trials, research organizations, patients, healthcare professionals - this ground-breaking system uses the power of mobility to make everything efficient, quick, and secure.   

There is SO much to say about these products that you will be  `knocked out` by the world that iMomentous has created.  Your company`s growth will ascend like a rocket ship - and I am not kidding.  And everything about iMomentous is secure.  You have a guarantee of privacy and confidentiality; so absolutely everything that brings about the businessperson`s fear is not even the remotest issue when iMomentous is the path your company chooses to walk.   

The iMomentous Solution!  You have never seen anything like this before!   

Until Next Time, Everybody   

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