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Published:August 2nd, 2011 19:23 EST
Next Stop? 27

Next Stop? 27

By Vincent Gonzalez

Fueled by the recent death of singer Amy Winehouse at the age of 27, speculation about the notorious 27 club is hitting the streets. Regardless of what your opinion is on the singer, Winehouse`s death is another tragic recycling of history repeating itself.


I think everyone knows the main folk that make up the basis for the 27 club: Hendrix, Joplin, and Morrison. What each of these talents share is not an unfortunate demise, but in my opinion an expression of a life lived unhindered by the realities of life.


Each one of these individuals spent their time on this planet, (albeit short) living out their dreams bringing joy to this often time chaos consumed world. They countered the demons that we all sometime face and forged forward with the prospect of a world ruled by love.


The myths and legends that surround the 27 club are just like the myths and legends of the old days of yore. Forever shrouded by the speculations and misconceptions of time. With each new generation, the fabrication of these myths only lengthens, disguising most truths with lies. For as we all know, truth crawls at a snail`s pace.

What can be said now? Who knows how much more these individuals could have accomplished had they lived. Personally, I don`t like to live in the past. All there is left to do now is just to enjoy what these talents left behind and hope that one day; we might have the chance to live in a world ruled by love. It`s not such a bad idea I think.