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Published:August 2nd, 2011 09:27 EST
We Need More People Like You to Come Together Against The Scourge of Terrorism

We Need More People Like You to Come Together Against The Scourge of Terrorism

By SOP newswire2

This is a very eye opening story you have written, "Dehumanization of `Muslims` and the Fear We Live With." It`s very true that we cannot blame one single community for the conditions that we are facing today in form of terrorism. I belong to a Hindu community and I have a lot of Muslim friends as well. Whenever terrorism becomes the issue of debate among us, most of the time they do not criticize it directly or strongly, but give the logic that terrorists are misguided in their beliefs or maybe they feel that something has happened to them and they are using that situation as justification for their cause.

The incident where Osama bin laden was killed by US Special Forces left the whole breathing a sigh of relief.  Even some of my Muslims friends that I met the very next day after His killing by US Navy Seals were upset and angry and felt that the US violated the sovereignty of Pakistan saying, we do not like the way the Americans went about the military operation that killed Osama bin laden. " [the military operation and its planning which seemed to not include the support or help from Pakistani Intelligence Agency or the Pakistan Military]

I was dumbfounded to hear that my Muslim friends were not persuaded by the United States explanation for the secret military operation.  They said that they would not join in the procession because it was the cowardly act of US. The thing is that whether we are Muslims or non Muslims we need to remain patriotic regardless of our religion or values. Furthermore, we need to learn to respect other`s cultures and values. However, it can only happen if more people like ban together and spread the message of humanity without being bias. Keep up the good work.

Vinay Kumar