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Published:August 2nd, 2011 21:32 EST
Will Roberts says... The BILL is passed... On to AMERICANS!

Will Roberts says... The BILL is passed... On to AMERICANS!

By Will Roberts

All I know is what I read on the Internet... 

Yesterday we had a problem with the countries money and today Washington voted on this debt bill and We The People don`t get the bill, the politicians and we don`t get the JOBS! 

I thought we stopped giving kids recess in schools, stopped giving bonuses to folks at Christmas time. Yet congress spent weeks, months, wasting our countries time and money. Only to end up with a bill that both sides said "Bill Done! DONE? Done in Washington normally means that it`s just the start of US Americans paying the bill. Plus now we get to fund a six week break for these law makers, wait scratch that, LAW BREAKERS.

We tax payers know that this confusing bill is just both sides arguing over who`s going to pay the dinner tab. We are working to feed the fat Cats and in the meantime most of us Americans are starving. You political dogs need to throw us a bone, but please leave a little meat on it for us. 

Maybe the easiest thing to do to help the Government is have them file as a 501c - I think that`s right... A non-Profit status. Wait, that only works when no one makes money. You boys in Washington can keep the same title on what you all do as before- Organized Crime! Without the organized parts.


Your Friend,


Will Roberts