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Published:August 3rd, 2011 10:03 EST
Catching Up With the Master of  'Body & Mind' Jason Escape Reality Engineer!

Catching Up With the Master of 'Body & Mind' Jason Escape Reality Engineer!

By Krista Boyer

Hey gang!  I know, you`ve been chomping at the bit for more information and I have it!  We have been speaking over the past few months about Jason Escape and all the immaculately cool, interesting, and fun work that he provides when he brings his illusions, his comic genius, and his unsurpassed performances across the globe.  You have become  `involved` in the Jason Escape world-class performer experience, and some have even had the luck of the gods to be able to exist in Jason Escape`s world for a short span of time.         

This reality engineer has put together a wonderfully updated website, as well, for your enjoyment and information; and, his comedy writing has increased ten-fold, leading him down the path that - in this writer`s opinion - will escort Jason Escape into a literary realm that will become yet another  `golden location` for this amazing performer.   

When we speak about the Jason Escape Body experience, we speak about a menu of stunning escapes that involve ingredients such as a straight jacket, rope, chains, saran-wrap, handcuffs, and shackles.  We witness The Steel Box Escape; the inverted escape from any height!  This stunt is the perfect  `main course` for university, promotions, grand openings, festivals, or anytime you need a complete audience stunner!  And we delve into the sheer hilarity of Jason Escape`s audience interactions that make this illusionist the best there is since Houdini left our world.   

When we  `switch gears` and speak about the Jason Escape Mind experience, we get lost in the cool world that encompasses everything from Pendulum Readings - that are incorporated into Jason Escape`s performances - where this stellar individual educates us with this "dowsing tool` that makes our eyes pop open and remain wide.  We speak about the variety of in-depth readings that Jason Escape provides to one and all from PSI Parties to Aura and Chakra Readings to Intuitive Psychic and Psychological Readings for individuals and groups.    

Over the past few months fans have learned that Jason Escape has that unexplained  `gift,` as well as eyes that are filled with humor and charm.  This master of his craft is light and fun when he performs for the audience, yet even as he banters and gets the crowd to roar with delight, there is also that unusual  `spark` in his stare that leads the mind to wander into an unknown world.  When Jason Escape speaks to his audience and draws them into his own amazing illusion, the breath catches in one`s throat, as Jason Escape adds his intoxicating personality to each and every moment he has each one of you wrapped in intrigue.  

This week we are all given a special treat, because as Jason Escape travels the globe offering each and every audience a moment in time that they will not soon forget, he has been gracious enough to take some quiet moments from his busy schedule to make sure that all of you fans are right there beside him, as Jason Escape turns up the volume and energy on a career that is taking off into the stratosphere.


You travel a great deal?   

Yes.  I am always traveling.  That is how I`m able to bring my show all over the world.   

Can you tell readers and fans what you`ve been up to?    

I have been working on some new ideas, and teaming up with some incredible people in the business, as well.  I am also producing Web Radio and WebTV content and projects - a variety of things from a documentary to my own series.  

Where have you performed recently?    

I recently got back from Norfolk, Virginia performing at Harbor Fest, 2011.  A wonderful event put on by Fest Events, a great festival production company.   

Also, readers would love to hear how you, personally, feel about performing.  Such as, do you like larger venues, or are you more partial to the  `one-on-one` experience?    

I enjoy both large venues and   `one-on-one` readings. They are different in that I am able to focus my energy in a completely different way when working with varied amounts of people.  Unique characteristics color my performance based on the energy of the people that I am performing to. Obviously I can go deeper with a private reading than a public one, but the group energy often brings about unique miracles during my show.  That many bodies in one place have a magical effect on everyone.   

Can you, perhaps, offer readers information about the very first performance you ever did?   

Wow...I cannot really remember my first, but I played Snoopy in Charlie Brown was I was 11.  I loved it!!!  What the audience was like "nerves, excitement, etc.?  It was so well received that I knew I had to continue to entertain.  I do not get nervous unless I am NOT prepared, and I am always prepared.  

When you create new pieces or a new show, is solitude a friend?  Such as, do you take on the  `writer` aspect, and stay by yourself for a great deal of time until you work out what exact path you are going in?  Or, do you like to use others as  `sounding boards` through the process of creating?    

It is a crazy and manic process of creative culling.  I often have several impetuses going on at once, and I like it that way.  And, yes, I need to be alone to work this stuff out.  I often bounce around between ideas, whittling away at various projects and often creating new ones at the same time.  I take lots of notes, ask lots of questions of my peers, and refine, assimilate, edit, and then  `work stuff out` on my own.  I see my art as a fluid:  A stream of creative conscious that I get to ride.  I have oars to paddle in the direction that I choose, but often the current will take me to where I need to be.  

Is there a specific venue where you would love to perform?    

I love working at resorts.  It is there that I can fully do what I love to do:  Family Shows during the day, Adult Shows for the nighttime, and 24 private readings available.  I also can be privately booked for PSI parties; metal bending; pendulums; and, the like.  I love the people that I meet at these types of venues, and have made some life long friends as well.   

Are you currently putting together a new show?    

Yes.  I am working on some amazing stuff with Michael Mann.  He worked with Harry Blackstone for years, and is the master of putting together amazing stage and festival structures in which I will escape from. :)  We are currently in meetings to come up with new brilliant and exciting escapes.   

Can you tell our readers about upcoming performances?    

The next couple of months you will find me in Canada at a slew of various festivals. Summertime! :)   

There are many who dream and dream big out there, and fight to make that dream a reality.  Have you ever had an  off` performance?  And, if so, did that ever get under your skin `to the point where you wanted to leave the creative world behind?    

Everyone has an off day at work.  It is all perspective.   

Would you work with someone who was just getting started out?    

I often lend my consulting abilities to performers who are starting out.  Working with them reminds me of the basics, and it is always great to reflect on the building blocks of performance.


And, yes, ladies and gentlemen of all ages, the two visionaries - Jason Escape and Michael Mann - getting together to form a truly  `magical` team is news that should definitely get your hearts racing.  Now, the truly stunning talent that Jason Escape brings to the world will be teamed up with an expert stage manager, performer, Magic and Grand Illusionist Consultant and, believe me, the list of Mr. Mann`s skills, talents, and attributes goes on and on.     

And, in the coming weeks, we will be speaking more in-depth about everything from Jason Escape`s resort schedule that is being booked as fast as humanly possible because of the fact that there is no illusionist like this man.  We will be speaking more about Jason Escape`s foray into WebTV and Web Radio; and, we will also be taking a look at a fantastic place on the internet that Jason Escape wishes us all to see:  My advice to you?  Go to the fantastic Jason Escape website and witness all the amazing things that are happening for this truly amazing individual.     

I live daily in the Land of Enchantment, but I have to say, Jason Escape provides that   `world` to the rest of you on a daily basis!      

Until Next Time, Everybody!     


Not only does Jason Escape perform throughout the season at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, he is also available for readings online, via phone, or in person.  For more information, or to thrill the crowd at your next personal, corporate event, or festival with the absolute best Escape Act on the Planet, go to:   

For Bookings or More information contact:  or 303.956.0569!/jasonescape