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Published:August 3rd, 2011 17:25 EST

Escaped Peacock Returns To Safety Of Central Park Zoo After One Night

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Officials at the Central Park Zoo in New York said an escaped peacock returned home on its own after spending the night on the ledge of an apartment."


The peacock flew its coop, it wanted to check out what life is like outside its aviary. After only one night in the Big Apple, the wise peacock returned home. The bird realized that the real zoo is in the human world, and he flew back home to the safety of the Central Park Zoo.


In March a cobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo, and residents of New York were so enthralled with the adventures of the missing cobra that somebody set up a Twitter account for the snake. The cobra was eventually found, and returned to the zoo. If the peacock would have stayed AWOL a couple more days, it too would have had its own Twitter account.

It speaks well of the Central Park Zoo that the peacock returned to captivity, they must take good care of the birds.

If I ran away from home, none of my Twitter followers would post a message lamenting my disappearance. Life is for the birds.

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