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Published:August 3rd, 2011 15:16 EST

Video: Residents Of Garden State Terrified Of Big Red Eye Creature

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Some searchers for the mythical Sasquatch in New Jersey say there is a man-ape dubbed Big Red Eye for his glowing eyes.

Local experts said the legend of Big Red Eye began three decades ago with an incident involving the deaths of multiple rabbits, which police blamed on a bear but some regional newspapers promoted as a monster mystery."



New Jersey isn`t exactly a mecca for tourists, what else is there to do in Jersey besides checking out Italian restaurants where mobsters hang out? I don`t blame newspapers for promoting the Big Red Eye myth, it might lure a few tourists to the Garden State.

Big Red Eye is probably Rosie O`Donnell on a bender, but a Bigfoot type creature is a lot sexier and interesting than the the former talk show host.

The Jersey Devil and now Big Red Eye? That`s scarier than a Lady Gaga/Boy George duet.

Click this link to watch news report on Big Red Eye:

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