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Published:August 4th, 2011 12:54 EST
Karen Harrington:  What Will Be the Tea Party`s Role in This Race?

Karen Harrington: What Will Be the Tea Party`s Role in This Race?

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In Case You Missed It: Karen`s Media Hits 

Karen was a featured guest last week on the television talk show Naples Daily NewsMakers with Jeff Lytle "

Here`s an excerpt from the interview:

Lytle: What will be the tea party`s role in this race? 

Harrington: I think the grassroots moment is very strong. I think it really helped propel a lot of new freshmen in 2010 to Congress. I think their message is loud and clear: It doesn`t matter which party you`re from; they want to hold you accountable to the issues that are important to the people.

So I think they`ll still play a very strong factor in the up and coming elections.

Lytle: When to talk about the outcome of the elections, we think about the presidential race and the GOP field, which really hasn`t really hasn`t come together yet. It`s still kind of groping for direction.

What do you expect will come of that?

Harrington: Well, I think we`re still trying to find that right candidate for that position. This is going to be an election of 2012 that is monumental. I mean, we thought that 2010 was important, but honestly, our economy in the last four years has absolutely tanked. We need a real leader that understands business philosophy and things that are important in the private sector to get this eocnomy going.

So we really need a pro business candidate for the presidential race, someone that will really get our economy back on track.

Source: Karen Harrington Press

Karen Harrington Gets Early Endorsement from "The Shark Tank"  

From the endorsement: 

"It will take an individual with discipline and a thick skin to mount a strong enough campaign that will force Wasserman-Schultz to actively defend her congressional seat.  I am proud to announce that I am fully supporting Karen Harrington and her campaign for Congress even at this early juncture in order to defeat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in 2012.   Karen`s decades of private sector experience will nicely contrast against perhaps the most pre-eminent career politician in the country today, and she is in position to build off of her previous campaign`s efforts and manage a comprehensive grassroots outreach throughout the district that none of her primary competitors are in a position to accomplish."  

Karen was a featured guest on the nationally syndicated radio program The Roger Hedgecock Show

Listen Karen Harrington`s archived radio interview here.