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Published:August 5th, 2011 13:48 EST
Ben Harrison:  Master of Yet Another Craft!

Ben Harrison: Master of Yet Another Craft!

By Krista Boyer
Betty Page


I love being able to offer my readers new, exciting information about the amazing performers, singers, artists, and writers who are out there in this world today just waiting to be heard!   

Over the past month, you and I have been speaking about one of these incredible artists by the name of Ben Harrison.  This is a man who is truly infused with talent.  Not only has he written a novel titled, Undying Love, which is an unforgettable story based on very real events, but Ben Harrison has also released CD`s that are beyond outstanding!  I was lucky enough to receive these  `works` in the mail, and have made sure to listen to the voice of Ben Harrison for at least an hour or more every day since that wonderful package arrived.  Why?  Because Ben Harrison is one of those performers that I haven`t found in a very long while.  In fact, Ben Harrison is one of those performers that I believed didn`t actually exist in this world anymore.  They are defined as a positive person.   

I have to recap here a bit because you should ALL be buying these CD`s.  Air Sunshine - like the title implies - is a breath of fresh air, with songs that are full of fun, enjoyment, and pure entertainment.  In addition, the CD titled, Erin Elkins and Ben Harrison, is a compilation of perfect lyrics and melodies that are jazzy and slightly evocative, while at the same time being completely uplifting.  Ben Harrison, brings back that down-home voice, literally transporting listeners to a  `better time and place` when life was calmer, more peaceful, and actually fun!  But now, on top of all this talent, there is yet another artistic path that Ben Harrison seems to have mastered.   And this particular path combines the two most wonderful worlds I can think of music and theatre.  

Clouds Over the Sunshine Inn.  Even the title captures your imagination.  It could literally mean anything.  You begin to wonder if you`re about to hear an adult version of Willy Wonka,  or a dramatic presentation that involves a family heartbreak or tragedy - this title can create many different ideas and visions within the mind.  But when I was recently sent Ben Harrison`s theatrical musical show, I fell in love.  Not only are we talking stellar characters that are beyond memorable, but we are talking about a story of life, fun, humor - a little vindictiveness thrown in for good measure - unrequited love, requited love, and a pastry chef who will do anything to make sure his delectable desserts shine.   

Interestingly, Ben Harrison told me the idea for this wonderful dinner show came from my current home, New Mexico.  Ben`s mother used to take the family to the Bishop`s Lodge in Santa Fe for a week during the summer.  Bishop`s Lodge provided one thing that no woman wants to see on her vacation - a weight scale in every room.  It soon dawned on young Ben Harrison while he was there, that he weighed-in  `lighter` in the higher altitude of Santa Fe than he did at sea level, prompting Ben to believe that he could eat more New Mexican food.  (Wouldn`t that be nice?)    

Going along with this idea later in life, Ben Harrison came up with a basic outline and began writing the songs for Clouds Over the Sunshine Inn about ten years ago.  This play was previewed at the Marathon Community Theatre, as well as the Blue Heaven Restaurant, and went over extremely well with audiences.  In fact, many resorts and playhouses are searching for new material just this outstanding!   

Again, as we`ve spoken about before, readers - what this world is missing is fun.  It is missing a chance to laugh, relax, and have at least one amazingly fun night out of a week filled with work, responsibilities, and bad news clogging the television set.  That`s what Clouds Over the Sunshine Inn is!  This musical is such a well-written tale, with songs that are so memorable you will find yourself humming them over and over long after the show has ended, that Ben Harrison`s Clouds  could very well see it`s time come in an off-Broadway/Broadway venue.   

I have to give you just a little "slice` of this fantastically fun play, just to whet your appetite.  The audience enters the world of The Sunshine Inn, which is basically Heaven on Earth.  The Sunshine Inn offers everything from sunlit bicycle paths that look like they were painted by Michelangelo, to workout rooms, spas, massages, saunas, pools - it`s all about health and having a fantastic time while staying in shape.  All the personnel is trained by The Sunshine Inn`s "Fabulous Fitness Four` (and this quartet is truly hysterical!).  The inn is all the rage in the world right now, booking more guests than they can handle.  And, their restaurant?  Off the charts!  Nouveau Ristaurante features a unique and deliciously healthy menu.  The only thing guests aren`t touching?  The desserts.  Of course, when you have days filled with a  `wealth of health,` not to mention having weight scales in your room to go home to every night, guests don`t want to ruin their luxurious and healthy day with a ten thousand calorie piece of Key Lime Pie!   

This is how Clouds begins, with The Sunshine Inn making their next commercial to appeal to even more people out there in the world.  The audience watches Mr. Harrington, the owner, making a speech to the cameras, and now the Fabulous Fitness Four are aiming their lovely faces, and  `va-va-va-voom` bodies at the camera, and singing a song that evokes pure seduction as they tell viewers how to Let the Sunshine Inn.   

With the success of the ad campaign, and Laura - the head of the Fabulous Fitness Four becoming somewhat of an icon across the land, The Sunshine Inn is beyond successful.  The inn even has lines of lotions, tanning oils, soaps, and more selling wildly!       

Max is the chef at The Sunshine Inn (who offers some fantastic songs to the audience as he introduces his succulent rum cake flambé.)  Mr. Harrington likes Max but he`s somewhat  `miffed` that the sales figures are so low on desserts.  Amber, Mr. Harrington`s daughter, runs things; and Rock, Amber`s fiancé, is what you would call a slightly disloyal individual who is desperately trying to stay on the good side of his soon-to-be, very rich, father-in-law.   

In the midst of all the action, Amber wishes to help Max (who secretly loves her and wants to get her away from Rock) to get his desserts to sell better.  Add in a little bit of sneakiness, intrigue, and subterfuge, and all of a sudden Max`s desserts are selling like hotcakes!  But when the reason why comes out, The Sunshine Inn may be looking at total ruin.     

I am telling you readers, this script is so much fun with all the cheating, lying, seduction, and killer songs, that every single scene comes together to offer each and every audience member a whole lot of fun!   

My personal favorite?  Fudge a Little is a song that will make your feet dance under your dinner table while on your vacation, or under your chair at the Playhouse, and the diabolical "scheme` will have you laughing out loud.   

Ben Harrison - his literary talent as well as his musical mastery has come together to create a performance piece that should be playing in every resort across the nation right now.  People would rush to fill those resort rooms as fast as the guests ran through the imaginary doors of The Sunshine Inn.   

Hopefully, soon, Clouds Over the Sunshine Inn will be on everyone`s lips, and the songs of Ben Harrison will be talked about all over the radio, and television sets across America.     

I`m telling you, Ben Harrison is like a magician to me.  I am always excited to see what masterpiece he will pull out of his musical  `hat` next.   

Until Next Time, Everybody.   

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Immediately!  You have GOT to get on Ben Harrison`s coattails for the ride of your life!